When we are all so wildly creative why do we often use our energy against ourselves?

In the work I do people often begin by telling me about what they believe is wrong with themselves.

In reply I often use this question.

‘Imagine having a 100 pieces of energy that you can use to create your life and business. Ok, now how many of them are you using to take you to where you wish to go, and how many of them are you using against yourself?’

I used this recently with a client. The person was struggling to know what their talents were. They were totally fixated on ‘trying to be the person’ that they thought that the boss wanted them to be, because they wanted promotion.

They didn’t know whether they were coming or going. As well as not trusting themselves, or what they knew to be true for them, this was having a negative impact on their team. The team didn’t feel that they were trusted and consequently felt undervalued.

Sad lady

The way we look at things creates the way they are

So no one was performing as well as they could, despite the fact that they all had a clear desire to be great.

The client themselves said they felt exhausted. They had lost trust in themselves and their ability to make good decisions. They were worrying about everything and didn’t feel good enough.

Turns out they were using the vast majority of their hundred pieces of energy against themselves and it wasn’t getting them anywhere fast.

If this is where you are right now, it is a tough place to be.

But it is not a place you have to stay.

Working with the awesome tools of Innermetrix you can clearly identify your talents, why you are motivated to use them, and how you prefer to use them.

The best chance we have of success is when we focus all of our energy on using our talents to create what we desire.

And would you really want to have to pretend to be someone else to get  a promotion – that sounds pretty stressful and no fun to me.

As Jay Niblick CEO of Innermetrix says, ‘we are most successful when we are aware of what our talents are and are authentic to them.

And if you are wondering what happened with the client?

Happy lady

Sometimes things are not quite as they appear! It depends how we look at them

Well, when they began to see, and recognise their talents and began to consciously use them things began to change in their world.


To take the first step in that journey take this online questionnaire. It is one of the three profiles that make up the Innermetrix Advanced Insights profile and will begin to give you some information about how you prefer to use your talents. Or drop me a line at laura@lauraborland.com


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