Which of your brains do you rely on?

Sometimes, when making a decision that’s important to us, we can get so into our heads that we tangle ourselves up.

Before we know it, the decision we have to make can feel like a problem we have to solve. We lose clarity, make lists of pros and cons, ask other’s opinions and often end up confused and not sure what to do.

We’ve totally disconnected from the wisdom of our other brain. Two Brains

Our other brain is located in our belly and is sometimes referred to as our heart/intuition/gut. I like to call it our ‘belly brain’.

Our head is great for helping us figure out the practical things we need to do. But it’s not the wisest place to make our big decisions from. It only knows what it knows. It doesn’t know what it doesn’t know.

Most of the time when I’ve got it wrong, I was only listening to my head. Acting on what I felt I ‘should’ be doing, according to whatever influences I was making important to me and the fears I was feeling at the time.

When we only use our heads we sometimes make the decisions that just don’t ‘feel’ right, even though our heads are telling us this is the ‘right’ thing to do. Sound familiar?

So what if there was a better way?

I believe there is. I believe when we connect with our wisdom of our intuition, we make more powerful decisions, that are true to who we are.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you dump your head and live only by your intuition.

But what if you led with your heart and followed with your head?

Your knowing will never let you down. You’re born with it. It’s just with all the conditioning we’re exposed to in our lives, we don’t always use our intuition in a way that empowers us to live the lives we dream of.

We listen to others, instead of listening to ourselves. We simply don’t trust ourselves to know what’s best for us and so we give our power away.  We are ‘educated’ out of trusting our knowing and get so caught up in thinking that we forget to ask ourselves what we feel. And then we’re surprised when we find ourselves living lives we don’t fit into?

It takes time to become attuned to the wisdom of our intuition. But it’s possible for all of us to do. We just need to grow the muscle.

Do a curious experiment. The only point of which is to find out some more information about your intuition or your ‘belly brain’.

Connect with your body when making decisions. Just be still for a moment and notice what you’re feeling. When something feels true for us we feel ‘light’ about it, but when it doesn’t feel true for us we feel heavy about it.

Listen to the small whispering voice inside you. That hunch, that inexplicable feeling. It’s your bodies way of communicating it’s knowing and it’s wisdom to you.

No one else is you, no one else can know what is best for you. Sure, you can listen to them and hear what they have to say. But everyone is only ever telling you what you should do from their point of view, which isn’t really so much use for you.

Think with your heart. Listen to your heart. It’s talking to you all time.



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