How accurate’s the map of your world?

Imagine going to a new place. You’ve never been there before.

You arrive at the airport, and you’re given a map to use to find your way around.

As you begin to explore this new place, you start to feel confused. The map doesn’t match what you’re seeing and experiencing. You wonder if you’ve been given the wrong map?

Ok, now imagine this place is planet earth.

From the day you are born, the map that you’re given is the one handed down to you by your parents, your teachers, perhaps religion (perhaps not), friends…….. You get the idea.

Except you don’t realise that it’s ‘a’ map. You think it is ‘the’ map.  How it is on planet earth.

So you filter out the things that don’t appear on your map….

Let me explain what I mean. The film What the Bleep do We Know  talks about how people can be blind to things they don’t understand. The example used is when the first tall European ships first approached the early Native Americans. It was such an ‘impossible’ vision in their reality, that their highly filtered perceptions couldn’t register what was happening, and they literally failed to ‘see’ the ships.

That’s exactly what we do in our lives.  We don’t see what we don’t see. That’s how we limit ourselves.

So ask yourself, ‘What’s here that I’m not seeing?’

And look again – and notice what you notice.

Or else we make judgements about others whose map appears to be different than ours. Hmmm…. that’ll be everyone.

Everyone has their own individual map of their world, based on their upbringing, experiences and life.

So what makes this important?

Well, all the decisions you make in your life are based on this map, which is your world view.

What job to do. What it means to be successful. Who to marry. How many kids to have. Where to go on holidays. What clothes you should wear, How much money you allow yourself to have. What kind of sex to have. What’s acceptable behaviour. What’s unacceptable behaviour etc etc.

It’s part of the reason that you can do what you feel you ‘should’, but it doesn’t always seem to bring you the happiness you’re looking for. You’re not actually choosing for you, you are making unconscious choices.

Perhaps the map you were given, was a good start, but it’s out of date and most importantly – it’s not your map.

Have the courage to create your own map of the world.

Create the relationships you want. Ones that flow with your heart and inspire, uplift and energise you.

Create the work you want. Do something that makes your heart sing.

Create the love you know exists. One where you don’t have to give up you.

Figure out what is important to you and create your life on that basis. One action, one step, one day at a time.

Know that it is possible.

Dream big. The only limitations are the ones you impose on yourself.

Be prepared to be wrong and to update your map over and over. When you reach a conclusion,  you stick your energy. When you question, you  open up new possibilities.

What’s possible that you haven’t yet even imagined or planned yet?

Now there’s a question…… try it out. Let me know how you get on. Drop me a line at I’d love to hear from you.







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