What’s the real secret to getting what you want?

Increasingly we live in the ‘prove it’ world. A world where it needs to be seen to be believed.

But what if this is upside down?

What if the secret to getting what you want is to believe it before you can see it?

Believe it

We’re all inventors and creators.

Now you may say that you are not, but I would suggest that you are creating and inventing your life. On a moment by moment, choice by choice basis.

Everything that has ever been created began with a thought and then another thought and then another thought.

We couldn’t fly. Until we did. The Wright Brothers believed it could be done, before they saw it happen.

We couldn’t conceive of going to the moon. Until we did. Someone believed it could be done, before they saw it happen.

Can you imagine the first time someone said let’s fly or let’s put man on the moon – what kind of response do you think they received – Encouragement and support or laughter, ridicule and disbelieve?

As Dr William James said, ‘The greatest discovery of my generations is that human beings can alter their lives by altering the attitudes of mind.

So whatever you focus on, believe in and think about you bring into being into in your life.

And here’s the thing. Your mind can’t tell the difference between thoughts about things that are real or imagined. For example when we worry about things, it ‘feels’ totally real to us. But worry is about things that have not yet happened.

So how big can you dream and believe?

When we believe it we ‘see’ it in our mind’s eye.  But believing when it can’t yet be seen can be easier said than done.

Often what stops us the most is our own inner critic, that voice of doubt and other people telling us it isn’t possible.

But with practice we can get out of our own way with our distorted thoughts and then we can create space for other possibilities to show up. Whatever we believe to be true for us will be true for us.

There just has to be a period of time when believing it is enough to keep you moving forwards – regardless of what others say/believe/ don’t say etc.

As Emerson so beautifully said, ‘You wouldn’t have the desire if you didn’t have the ability to achieve it.’

Over to you

Do you believe you can or do you doubt yourself and does this stop you from taking action?

What if you absolutely knew that what you wanted to create was possible, wouldn’t you just enjoy the journey knowing that all the twists and turns were part of creating what you wanted?

What if it really were that simple?

So what would you love to be, do or have?

Imagine it. Dream it. Feel it. Write it. Talk it. Take steps in the direction of it. Know it is possible in every fibre of your being.

Ask yourself this question.

If I knew that I was going to be/do/have (insert your dream here) what would I do next?

This takes it from being a huge mountain of an idea, which can be overwhelming,  into one tiny step which all of us are capable of.

And what if you let go of what you thought it should look like? Have you ever wanted something in your world and it has shown up, but never in the way that you had anticipated.

So – Believe it to see it or see it to believe it? The choice is yours.

If you have experience of creating your dream then leave a comment below to inspire others or if you want to create your dream and want to explore that further then drop me a line at laura@lauraborland.com

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