What’s the cost judgement in your world?

Judgement changes how we see, and experience, our world.

It quite literally makes possibilities seem invisible and change feel impossible.

In judging ourselves, we often really punish ourselves by  metaphorically beating ourselves up with a big stick, in the form of our self talk.

Our world changes from being a playground of possibilities, to a dark place where we cannot seem to find our way.

We create a prison of stuck paralysis, as we spin round and round and round ‘trying’ to figure it out.

So let’s get personal. What possibilities lie beyond your judgement?

Where do you most judge yourself in your life?

Your job or lack of it?

Your money or lack of it?

Your relationship – or lack of it?

Your body not looking as you think it should?

The parent, partner, business person, lover you are – or are not?

Or maybe something else I haven’t mentioned.

The stronger and more entrenched your judgement the harder it is to change….

What if,  despite what you may think or feel, it is only your judgement that’s keeping you trapped where you are?

When we judge ourselves we create boxes, often times concrete ones, that can be really hard to get out of.

These boxes become like our cages that confine and limit us, our possibilities and our capacity to create what we desire our lives to be.

Whatever you judge you create more of in your world.

But don’t blame yourself.

It is what we are taught in this society from a very young age. You only have to switch on the television, read the newspapers, and even listen to the conversations that are going on around you. It is all about judgement.

We all do it – it’s  running our lives to greater or lesser degrees, and yet we are so blind to it and the cost it ultimately has on 0ur happiness.

How often do you try and control and force things to be what you want them to be?

Controlling and forcing things to be a particular way is all about judgement.

Judgement about where you should be, how it should be, who you should be and how you should be.

You are the judge, jury, jailer and prisoner all rolled into one.

But if that is the case then you are the one who can begin to change it.

So what if it’s judgement that’s actually blocking you from where you desire to be?

What if that is the catch 22 of the universe?

Judgement is like a massive fortress keeping everything out.

When we decide we are something, it can leave little space for us to see and experience ourselves as anything else.

Feel the energy of these statements.

This won’t work  OR What would it take to make this work?

I am useless OR That didn’t go as well as I had hoped, how can I use that to my advantage?

The first statements will paralyse you. They are judgments. What you have decided.

Judgement talks in blanket statements.

The second statements acknowledge where it is at in the moment, but still create space for another possibility to show up.

We fear that if we don’t judge ourselves we won’t get anything done, but what if the reverse were actually true?

What if, it were easier to get more done when we manage to create more space and let go of the chains and torture of judgment?

What if, what you chose in that moment was just what you chose in that moment?

What if you didn’t have to make a story out of that but had the awareness that you could make another choice?

So….Over to you

Next time you find yourself judging yourself…..

Congratulate yourself that you have noticed what you are doing – you cannot change what you cannot see.

Be kind to yourself.

And then ask yourself a question…… Questions keep the energy flowing. Judgements stick the energy.

  • What can’t I see, that if  I took off  my judgement goggles would become clearer for me?
  • What else could if I choose here if I stopped judging myself?
  • What else is possible here that I haven’t considered?
  • How else could I use this energy?

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