What’s the boldest thing that you could do today?

How often do you not say something because you are worried about what others will think about you?

Or you don’t do something for fear of getting it wrong, getting in trouble, looking stupid, or whatever it is for you?

A lot of the time we live in a fantasy world of our own making. 

The perceived and imagined judgment of others contracts us, and lessens what we are capable of creating and being.

As Mark Twain so famously said, ‘I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.

When we make our thoughts about something more real and important than what is actually happening, we stop ourselves being the awesomeness we truly are.

The thing about judgment, real or otherwise, is that it causes us to give our power away.

We become smaller versions of ourselves, or else we try and become someone else’s version of us – rather than just being who we really are.

Who you are is enough.

Let me say that again…. Who you are is enough.

Have you ever worked in an organisation that you just didn’t fit with?

Or been in a relationship where it seemed that no matter what you did it was never good enough?

No, I am sure none of you have ever done that – I’m sure that’s only me!

So today I would like to challenge you.

What is the boldest thing that you could do to honour you today?

It might be saying no, where you have been saying yes. Footprints

Or speaking up where you have been silent.

Or stopping doing something that diminishes you.

Or starting something just for the joy of it.

If you create your life from a space of judgment, then you will never be the magic you are capable of.

Why would you give you up?

So go on, step onto ‘Bold Street’ today and take your first step.

What if you gave up your story of what you thought was going to happen?

What if you were curious?

What if you listened to your knowing?

And even if it feels too scary to take the first physical step – at least get honest with yourself – because actually that is the first step. And sometimes getting honest with ourselves takes courage. Courage that we all have.

Let me know what this is for you or what has changed for you because you have taken that step onto Bold Street, I would love to hear from you.





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