What pleasure are you denying yourself?

I haven’t posted a blog for the longest time. Why? Life got busy, and writing, which I love and adore, was one of the casualties of that.

For weeks, erm, make that months I’ve been thinking about writing  and have had a growing urge to write – but what to write – what to say…… (No ego involved there at all – right? :-))

And so I have done nothing.

Until today.

This morning when I was out walking, a thought dropped into my head from nowhere, (you know the way that awarenesses do when you create space for yourself and are being all tra-la-la) that I was making it really significant.

And then it seemed funny.

In that moment, as I listened to the birds singing, (the birds that just sing without thoughts of should I sing today, hmmm what should I sing, is my singing good enough) I could see that it almost doesn’t matter what I write, just that I write.

I love writing.

I love the act of creating something from nothing. It totally lights me up when someone comes back and shares with me how something I wrote helped change their perspective, or take action…..

So here I am writing, about not knowing what to write about! How ridiculous is that!!!!

But it has made me curious about where else I’m making stuff significant and using that as an excuse to not take action.

Am I the only one who does that? Or does this apply to you too?

Writing gives me pleasure. And not writing is denying myself pleasure. And why oh why oh why would that be a sensible choice in any universe???

So what pleasure are you denying yourself I wonder?

Where are you not doing the thing that you love or enjoy because of ………….. (whatever your rationale is)

But. What if, ‘your rationale’ is just crazy shit that you’ve made up and are now acting as if it were true? That would be mad right? Except it’s what we do all the time.

We make up stories, we gather evidence about them (we love to prove that we are right!) and in doing so we limit our choices.

And that’s what I did with the writing… I made up some story that I wasn’t questioning and so it limited my possibilities.

Now, I know this is a teeny tiny example, but I am wondering what story do you keep telling yourself?

How’s that working for you?

Is it time for something different?

So what if, instead of telling the story you could begin to ask questions about it……

Curious questions.

Questions like:

I wonder what else is possible here that I am not seeing?

I wonder what new story I would like to make up?

If I had no thinking about this what would I do?

As many people have said, argue for your limitations and they are yours. Kind of like making a prison out of your own thoughts, that can make your world smaller and suck the joy out of you.

Hmm that kinda sucks.

So. Play. Experiment. Choose a something that you are at a standstill with and get curious about your thinking about it and see where that takes you.

I wonder what awaits you beyond that story you have been telling yourself?

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