What do you see in your life?

Look at this picturOptical Illusione. What do you see?

Now, what else can you see? Keep looking. Can you see anything else?

If you haven’t seen this before, it’s a famous perceptual illusion in which the brain switches between seeing a young girl and an old woman.  Can you see them both now?

So, why am I showing you this picture?

Well, I believe there’s always more than one way of looking at things, but we don’t always find that so easy.  Sometimes we get stuck and can only see a situation, person or event in one fixed way and that keeps us stuck in our story. Often it can be a story we want to change.

In my experience, when we’re closed to suggestions and alternative ways of looking at something, it’s a big clue that we’ve got a stuck point of view.

Until we begin to shift our point of view, it can be difficult for the situation to change. Our thoughts, our focus, the words we use and the story we tell all create the emotions we feel that keep us stuck.

By changing and expanding our focus and awareness, being conscious of our language and open to possibilities, we can begin to ‘unstick’ ourselves.

So what’s going on for you that you’d like to change? Before you can change anything you have to be conscious of what’s going on.

With practice we can change. Anything and everything is possible.

What if there was no right or wrong, what if there was only what was right for you?

Would you rather be right or happy?



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