The process of alchemy

Think about the last time you felt upset or angry by something that someone said or did.

Did you react or did you respond?

If you reacted, you were behaving unconsciously. Something was triggered in you which caused you to react. When this happens we often feel like we have little, or no control. We’re driven by our emotions, and may well feel our behaviour is justified.

If you responded, then you made a choice from a different place. A place where you are free of the past and your emotions.

I recently reacted to something someone said. What I didn’t expect was their response back. Heartfelt and passionate and totally challenging the perceptions and judgements I had made about them.

It stopped me dead in my tracks. But I was right. Wasn’t I? Was I?

So why am I telling you this?

Because creating our lives with conscious intention is an on going process and not a one time event.

We can only figure it out in the moment.

So why did I react?

I had interpreted a comment in an unfavourable way due to a past experience, which had triggered an emotion, which created the current experience.

And all of this happened quicker than it’s taken you to read this sentence.

I was viewing my present moment through the lens of my past experiences and had acted accordingly.

Once you’ve decided something, it can be difficult to see anything else. Eg taxi drivers are rude, salesmen are always trying to rip you off. You get the idea. When our emotions are involved in this it becomes even more powerful.

The Na’vi greeting in the wonderful movie Avatar translates as ‘I see you’. ‘To see’ is the cornerstone of the Na’vi philosophy.

It is to open your mind and the heart to the present and to embrace who is in front of you as if seeing them for the very first time.

How many people could you use the Na’vi greeting with in your life?friendship

Imagine how light and freeing that would be?

Mostly, we’re caught up in the illusions and dramas and stories we create for ourselves from past experiences. We see life according to the beliefs and views we hold about it. We expect people  to act in certain ways and then guess what….. They do.

So do I write this with a little more awareness of myself? Yes.

Was it comfortable? No.

Did I feel vulnerable? Totally.

Am I enriched by the experience? Absolutely.

It means that I have more and different choices that I can use to create something better tomorrow. That feels exciting. More possibilities.

How would  your world change if you made the invisible visible? 

You cannot change what you’re not aware of. Awareness means that you have broadened your menu of choices. That’s always a good thing.

You are the alchemist and everything within you has the potential to turn to gold.

So, if this speaks to you be kind to yourself. Don’t use energy against yourself. Don’t judge yourself. It sticks your energy. It gets you nowhere.

Often we need others to ask us the questions that we avoid within ourselves. The relationships we have in our lives act as a mirror for us, and when we drop our defences they are treasures for us. When someone holds space for us and is authentic and present in the moment (when we are not), then aspects of ourselves can be unwrapped and revealed. It is a gift when done from a place of care, love and respect.

Practice being open to life, even when you feel vulnerable. You may be surprised.

Don’t live safe, live true. You’ll open yourself to the magic and possibilities of life.

What if hidden amongst the things that limit you are your greatest treasures waiting to be discovered?

Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear from you.

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