To go big start small

Life is always showing us stuff. It’s always trying to point the way and ‘talk to us’, it’s just that often we are going too fast to hear or see it, or it looks too simple to be useful, or we have turned the volume down because our thoughts are deafening and drowning things out.

The thoughts that tend to be the loud ones are the ones that catastrophise about the future project, relationship or business. You’ll know what it is for you.

Maybe you could take the approach of learning to walk the tight rope with your project?

Confused? Well, watch this short video to find out I’m talking about.

When things look complicated it is because we are in our heads. Our heads tell us go big, take the big leap – but unfortunately for many people that terrifies and paralyses them. It can mean we do nothing. And when we do nothing, and yet still have our dreams we get frustrated, we judge ourselves and can be super critical of others.

Start small. It’s the way to go big, and it will get you ‘there’ faster.

Test it out for yourself. Watch what happens.

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