The secret to how to stop fighting with life

There have been times in my life where I’ve been really stuck.

My stuckness consumed me. I talked about it. Endlessly.

I analysed it. Over and over.

I worried myself sick. I feared the worst.

I tried and tried to find answers. Unsuccessfully.

In my stuckness, it was impossible to see any different possibilities, let alone take action.

If that’s where you’re at right now, you’ll know it’s a tough place to be. It drains your energy and life doesn’t feel like so much fun.

When you fight with life. Life will fight with you.

But here’s the thing. There’s an easier way.

Just stop fighting.

What if you allowed things to be just as they are, because you believed and knew, what you really desired in your life was going to show up?

That’s it. Simple.

How much energy could that free up? What could that mean for your life?

A simple concept I know. Perhaps a bit more challenging to live in practice.

But we invest energy in mastering skills like golf, piano, tennis, public speaking, cooking, singing ….. why not life?

Let’s take a simple example.

So you don’t get something you really want.…. Are you a failure, or is there something better out there for you?

You pick. The choice is yours.

What you choose, focus on and connect your emotions to, is what will become your reality. Your life.

It’s just that most of the time we choose unconsciously. We quite literally block ourselves in our lives.

How crazy is that?

What if everything that was happening, was actually taking you closer to where you wanted to go in life – even when it didn’t seem to appear that way on the outside?

Do you remember the last time you were travelling to a new place and you got lost. Did you just give up and go back home, or did you trust that somehow you would find your way and get to where you wanted to go? I’m guessing it’s the latter.

What if life was just the same?…. It’s just in life the map doesn’t always feel so easy to read…..

In travel a compass is everything and in life our compass is our emotions.

If you’re experiencing negative or difficult emotions then that’s your clue. You’ve got lost, you’re off track. You need to stop and get back on track.

So when you get lost when you’re travelling what do you do? You ask for help, take another turn, choose another road….. and if it’s still the wrong way, then you just pick again knowing that every choice you make is ultimately taking you closer to where you want to be…..

Unless, of course you keep taking the same wrong turn over and over…….

It’s exactly the same in life, we just overcomplicate things.  We keep taking the same wrong turn and expect something different to show up. Albert Einstein called that insanity.

Stop trying to choose for the rest of your life. Just choose for today. It takes the pressure off you and opens up a gap for something different to show up.

Mastering life is recognising that we’re all creators, and with conscious intention we can begin to create a reality for ourselves, which feels lighter and more fun.

Everything that was ever created began with an idea or a dream. From idea to physical creation takes time, belief, action and faith.

But most of us give up. We interpret and judge what’s happening as good or bad. This determines whether we continue to move forwards to what we want, or whether we just stop, quit and tell ourselves we can’t.

Dropping judgement = freedom = possibilities.

Allowing life to be what it is in this present moment changes it from being a fight, a struggle and a battle to being an awesome adventure.

Why wouldn’t you choose the awesome adventure?

The only thing stopping you is you. You get to choose. Why wouldn’t you choose something that makes you feel good? Anything else would be crazy right?

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