The difference a thought makes to how your day turns out

The difference a thought makes to how your day turns out

I’m sure you’ve had days where it feels like one thing after another doesn’t go how you want it to……You get a parking ticket, all the traffic lights seem to be at red when you’re running late, the kids are acting up, you fallen out with your partner and your boss wants you to work overtime……….

The harder you try, the worse it seems to get and before you know it, you’re telling yourself you’re having a bad man

Days like this can leave us feeling really out of sorts and emotionally drained.  And when we have them on a regular basis, they can squeeze all joy and happiness right out of us.

The first time I heard someone say that we created bad days for ourselves, I must admit to feeling quite outraged and indignant.

What?? So I was creating this for myself? Now, that just sounded ridiculous and made no sense to me at all…..

But, we do.

Everything is energy and we’re putting out energy all the time.

Have you ever been upset and tried to hide it and ‘put on a face’? I bet someone asked you what was wrong….. They were picking up information beyond what you were, (or weren’t) saying. For me, this is energy.

Or have you ever instantly been really drawn to someone or really repelled by them? This too is energy.

So whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re giving out energy all the time. It’s this energy that creates our reality as we experience it.

So let’s imagine a scenario, one day in the near future you’re having one of those ‘bad days’. You remember reading an article somewhere which had some suggestions for transforming your day.

* First, notice that you’re beginning to tell yourself a story about the day being a ‘bad day’.  You can only change what you’re conscious of. You have the power to choose something different in any moment. Decide you’re going to change your day.

* You’re probably feeling frustrated, stressed and annoyed. So stop for one minute and just focus on your breathing. Breathe slowly. This will take you out of your head and into your body. So simple and yet so powerful. Feel what you’re feeling. Fighting what you feel causes resistance and sticks the energy. Feeling what you feel allows it to pass through you. Judging what you’re feeling gets you into all sorts of knots.

* Bring your attention to the present moment. Look at the facts and not the story you’re creating around the facts. It’s the story you’re creating that’s causing you to have the emotions you’re experiencing.

* Change your focus. When you focus on things you perceive and judge as bad, then you’re more likely to see and experience more things as ‘bad’.

There’s a wonderfully simple exercise I sometimes use with people to demonstrate this. I tell them to look around the room and notice everything that’s red. I then get them to close their eyes and tell me what was green. People don’t see what’s green because they’re so focused on noticing what’s red.

You know how sometimes 2 year olds can be distracted? Wel,l sometimes our minds are just like that….  So look for things to be grateful for. Anything at all, no matter how small. It will begin to change your energy.

You cannot make a choice in the future. You can only make a choice for right now. Choose something that will make you feel a bit better.

* Let go of what you cannot control.  All you can control is you and your response to what’s going on around you – this is where your power lies. If you’re blaming everyone else for everything that’s happening to you, then effectively you’re saying you have no power.

You do. Own it. Use it. Take your power back. Take responsibility for yourself.

Do something that will make you laugh – it will change your energy. This will change your perspective.

* Ask a question. It will take you out of conclusion and open up different possibilities.

In any given moment we can choose something different. The past doesn’t determine the future, unless of course you decide it does.

If you want to know more about how you can consciously create your life or if you have found something useful then get in touch, it would be great to hear from you.

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