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Are your questions really questions?

When was the last time you asked a question that was really a question? If this sounds like a strange thing to say, then think about small children. They have an endless stream of questions that come from a space of wonder and curiousity. Do you? Ken Robinson says, […]

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Quit playing small. It’s selfish.

No matter what you’re creating in, and as your life, there are moments when it can feel like nothing is shifting and nothing is changing. These can be the moments when you begin to doubt yourself and what you are creating. So if this is where you are today, then […]

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Living in a topsy turvy world

Once upon a time there was a planet where, over time, everything had become pretty much upside down. On this planet knowledge and power and rationale and status and ‘stuff’ had become the most valuable things. Conformity was king and acceptance was fundamental for many who lived there. Head knowledge was […]

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Get real and stop pretending!

I reckon that too many of us can’t truly see ourselves. We focus on what we are not, instead of seeing the magic of who we are. Jay Niblick writes in his book, What’s Your Genuis, ‘The first step of awakening your authentic self is the recognition that you are […]

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What’s driving you?

How do you feel when you wake up on a Monday morning? Do you leap out of bed, full of enthusiasm and excitement about the possibilities for the week ahead? Or, do you feel like you’re on a treadmill, where it takes you all your energy to keep […]

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Work hard or work smarter. You choose.

I’ve had so many different conversations this week with people talking about what they’re not, and how they’re trying to ‘get better’ or improve at the things they suck at, or find hard to do. It has got me curious. Why is that generally speaking we seem more comfortable focusing on what […]

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Choose different. Change the world.

Let me paint you a picture. You’re in a bar buying a drink. While the bartender’s getting pouring your drink you ask him if he’s serving food. The reply you get back is short and curt and rude. What would you do next? Tell him how rude he is? Provide a […]

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Is ‘trying hard’ working for you?

How often do you make you wrong in order to try and fit in with other’s versions of you? I’ve recently been working with some people who’ve been trying really hard to make themselves fit into  their environments. It’s taking a lot of energy and time and effort […]

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Which of your brains do you rely on?

Sometimes, when making a decision that’s important to us, we can get so into our heads that we tangle ourselves up. Before we know it, the decision we have to make can feel like a problem we have to solve. We lose clarity, make lists of pros and […]

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Do you want to be right or happy?

As someone who has spent a lot of my life wanting to be right,  when I first asked myself ‘Do I want to be right or happy?’ it really challenged me. I wanted both. But I felt that giving up being right was the only way I could be happy. (Now […]

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