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What if stuck is just a choice you’re making and it’s easier to change than you think it is?

Stuck. How often do you hear people talking about being stuck? Or perhaps it’s you that’s talking about being stuck. I know for me there was a time when I gave so much energy to my story of being stuck. I talked about it endlessly. I got frustrated frequently. […]

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Living in a topsy turvy world

Once upon a time there was a planet where, over time, everything had become pretty much upside down. On this planet knowledge and power and rationale and status and ‘stuff’ had become the most valuable things. Conformity was king and acceptance was fundamental for many who lived there. Head knowledge was […]

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Choose different. Change the world.

Let me paint you a picture. You’re in a bar buying a drink. While the bartender’s getting pouring your drink you ask him if he’s serving food. The reply you get back is short and curt and rude. What would you do next? Tell him how rude he is? Provide a […]

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Which of your brains do you rely on?

Sometimes, when making a decision that’s important to us, we can get so into our heads that we tangle ourselves up. Before we know it, the decision we have to make can feel like a problem we have to solve. We lose clarity, make lists of pros and […]

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The secret to how to stop fighting with life

There have been times in my life where I’ve been really stuck. My stuckness consumed me. I talked about it. Endlessly. I analysed it. Over and over. I worried myself sick. I feared the worst. I tried and tried to find answers. Unsuccessfully. In my stuckness, it […]

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The process of alchemy

Think about the last time you felt upset or angry by something that someone said or did. Did you react or did you respond? If you reacted, you were behaving unconsciously. Something was triggered in you which caused you to react. When this happens we often feel like […]

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Warning: Thoughts can damage your health

We all have, somewhere in the region of, 70,000 thoughts every day. That’s lot of thoughts. Working with people to consciously create change in their lives, I often ask clients about their self talk, or what thoughts they have on a recurring basis. It’s this self talk and the recurring thoughts that create our […]

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The difference a thought makes to how your day turns out

The difference a thought makes to how your day turns out I’m sure you’ve had days where it feels like one thing after another doesn’t go how you want it to……You get a parking ticket, all the traffic lights seem to be at red when you’re running late, […]

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What’s the point of your life?

What would your life be like if it felt lighter? How would that make you feel about getting up every day and going out into the world? What if you knew that life was about……… Choosing things that made you feel fulfilled, motivated and inspired? Knowing that […]

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Do you feel the way you want to feel?

Life is filled with many emotions. Joy, gratitude, love, passion, enthusiasm, pride, happiness, optimism, hope, desire, curiosity, contentment, boredom, apathy,  pessimism, frustration, impatience, anger, worry, jealousy, insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, sadness and hopelessness. I’m sure you can add many more to this list…….. My question is – which ones […]

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