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When was the last time you were truly vulnerable?

As I was walking past Oxford Street tube station the other day, a homeless man sat on the ground, just inside the entrance sobbing. Loudly. Because of where he was sitting, the sound of his sobbing was magnified and made even louder. It was rush hour and […]

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If your life was a book and you were the author, what would your story be?

Let me tell you a story…..When I was 29, I was in a job where I managed to persuade my boss to pay for me to have some Career Coaching. Weird I know, but my skills of persuasion are good! Anyway on my first session the coach said, ‘So tell […]

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Is self doubt and comparison keeping you playing small in your world?

It’s one thing playing small in your world. it’s quite another acknowledging that to yourself – cause then what do you do with it? I recently watched a talk with Brene Brown and it really inspired me. So, if you have a dream and you’re not taking action to create that as a […]

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Do you have the courage to truly choose?

I would like to invite you to another world and another possibility……. Interested? When you wake up tomorrow, the rules will have changed. No longer do you have to do what you believe you should, or what is expected of you. In this new world you get to […]

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What’s the boldest thing that you could do today?

How often do you not say something because you are worried about what others will think about you? Or you don’t do something for fear of getting it wrong, getting in trouble, looking stupid, or whatever it is for you? A lot of the time we live in a fantasy […]

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Quit playing small. It’s selfish.

No matter what you’re creating in, and as your life, there are moments when it can feel like nothing is shifting and nothing is changing. These can be the moments when you begin to doubt yourself and what you are creating. So if this is where you are today, then […]

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The Silent Killer called Conformity

When was the last time you were totally turned on and lusting after life? Or do you spend most of your energy trying to fit in with the world?? Conformity. What does it mean for you? For me it means to be the same as everyone else. […]

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So you say you want change, but………

I want to share something with you. Now you may, or may not know this, but as long as you’re breathing there will always be something that you’ll want to change in your life. Always. You will never get it done. Ever. Let me tell you something else. […]

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What’s the cost judgement in your world?

Judgement changes how we see, and experience, our world. It quite literally makes possibilities seem invisible and change feel impossible. In judging ourselves, we often really punish ourselves by  metaphorically beating ourselves up with a big stick, in the form of our self talk. Our world changes from being a playground of possibilities, to a dark […]

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How often do you go out of your mind?

Our minds are truly wonderful. Limited, but wonderful. Wonderful for millions of reasons…. They enable us to breathe and they keep our hearts beating without us having to think about it. Wonderful because they are awesome for remembering skills like walking and driving and language and directions and names – to name […]

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