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Are you stuck and just can’t figure out how to change it?

I co-host a radio show called, The Playground of Possibilities with Alun Jones. The topic on our show this week was, STUCK. Now if any of you have ever been stuck, or are currently stuck, you will know just how much it sucks. I totally get it. […]

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Are your questions really questions?

When was the last time you asked a question that was really a question? If this sounds like a strange thing to say, then think about small children. They have an endless stream of questions that come from a space of wonder and curiousity. Do you? Ken Robinson says, […]

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Get yourself unstuck with three easy questions

What are you trying to create that has come to a stand still? For me it’s been a project that I’m  am really excited about. I’ve been talking about it and yet….. when it comes to creating it, there are some parts of it that where I have totally gotten […]

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Who or what are you making more important than what you know to be true for you?

I was recently working with someone who I respect, admire and like. We were discussing something, (it is not important what) and I felt judged and I vocalised that. My emotions were running high. I was trying to justify my position and prove myself right (and where one […]

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What do fast cars and your life have in common?

The only limitations that exist are the ones we create for ourselves… Why is it that some of the stuff you want other people seem to get easily, but you don’t? What if I said you can’t create beyond your limitations? Let me explain. Believe that people are […]

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What’s the boldest thing that you could do today?

How often do you not say something because you are worried about what others will think about you? Or you don’t do something for fear of getting it wrong, getting in trouble, looking stupid, or whatever it is for you? A lot of the time we live in a fantasy […]

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The alternative guide of what to do when your plan isn’t going according to plan.

There is a plethora of information out there about planning and strategy – how to do this and how to do that…. But what do you do when your plan doesn’t go according to plan? Which, let’s face it, is only almost all of the time….. Maybe […]

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Quit playing small. It’s selfish.

No matter what you’re creating in, and as your life, there are moments when it can feel like nothing is shifting and nothing is changing. These can be the moments when you begin to doubt yourself and what you are creating. So if this is where you are today, then […]

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What if, it’s what you think you know, that’s actually holding you back?

Now what has a picture of cakes got to do with the title of this blog? Well, let me tell you a story and all will become clear. I was out for dinner recently with a friend. The lovely waiter was really enthusiastic that we should try a particular a […]

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The Silent Killer called Conformity

When was the last time you were totally turned on and lusting after life? Or do you spend most of your energy trying to fit in with the world?? Conformity. What does it mean for you? For me it means to be the same as everyone else. […]

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