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Are you stuck and just can’t figure out how to change it?

I co-host a radio show called, The Playground of Possibilities with Alun Jones. The topic on our show this week was, STUCK. Now if any of you have ever been stuck, or are currently stuck, you will know just how much it sucks. I totally get it. […]

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Is self doubt and comparison keeping you playing small in your world?

It’s one thing playing small in your world. it’s quite another acknowledging that to yourself – cause then what do you do with it? I recently watched a talk with Brene Brown and it really inspired me. So, if you have a dream and you’re not taking action to create that as a […]

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Past, present or Future. Where do you live?

So there’s something that’s not working in your life. You want change, but you just seem to keep going round and round in circles. You’ve gone over and over it in your mind, looking to the past to the create the future you want. But it’s just not […]

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