What if stuck is just a choice you’re making and it’s easier to change than you think it is?


How often do you hear people talking about being stuck?

Or perhaps it’s you that’s talking about being stuck. I know for me there was a time when I gave so much energy to my story of being stuck.

I talked about it endlessly. Stuck2

I got frustrated frequently.

I looked for answers constantly. (Generally outside of myself)

And what did all this give me? Yip, more sticky stuckness.

Sound familiar?

So clearly what I was doing wasn’t taking me to where I wanted to go.

So why do we keep doing what doesn’t work?

For me, I guess because I believed that ‘life’ was somehow keeping me where I was and that I had little, or no, power to change it. That I had to wait for some external thing to turn up and change it all…… Hmmmm.

So what aspect of your life do you feel stuck with?

A person, work, a situation, your weight, money…… Some problem that really feels like you just can’t solve it? – or at least that’s what you tell yourself.

What if the ‘stuck story’ you’re telling is just that – a story?

And what if, telling the story, especially with feeling, is what is helping to keep you where you are?

Cause our feelings are always right aren’t they? Or are they?

So what if ‘stuck’ really is just a choice?

Well I guess what would be great about that, is that if stuck is just a choice, then you could begin to make some different choices – right?

Also if you accept that you are choosing it on some level then it means you are creating it. And if you are creating it then you have the power to begin to make some different choices to create a different reality.

So over to you – let me ask you some questions.

1. Do you really want to change?

Sounds like a ridiculous question, but sometimes we talk about wanting to change things, but in reality we don’t because who would we be without it. How would our lives change if we were to give up this story and how scary does that feel?

2. Are you open to considering that there are perhaps some other possibilities and other things you could do that you have not yet explored?

3. Are you prepared to look at it (whatever it is) and yourself differently?

So if you answered no to any of these questions then waste no more time here. But, if you are willing to truly consider change then read on.

Now before you spiral into saying you don’t know what to do, just do something.

Anything that will take you in the general direction of where you want to go.

Don’t make it significant.  Trying to find the right thing to do will paralysis you. I know it did me.  Just choose something.

Let me repeat. Don’t make it significant.

If you choose something and it doesn’t work out you can choose again.

What if there was no right thing to choose and you got to choose over and over again?

What if you had the power to change this and you just weren’t using it?

How amazing would that be?

You do. Choose something different.

Not sure where to begin then get in touch at laura@lauraborland.com  I’d love to hear from you.

Or if you have been stuck and have gotten yourself unstuck and could share something that would inspire then do!  – you might just talk to what someone else could really do with hearing.

PS Pass it on

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