What is it that you’re squeezing the life out of?

When we want change we can sometimes try really hard to make things happen.

We try and do things by effort, force and willpower.

How is that working for you?

It is what we are taught from we are little, but it often doesn’t work and when it does  it can be with limited results.

Let me tell you a story.

There was a man who was growing tomatoes. When his son saw what he was doing he wanted to grow one too. So the Dad gave him a plant and told him to take care of it.  After a few weeks all the Dad’s plants were thriving, while the young boy’s plant was looking like it was dying. Growing Plant in Soil

The Dad couldn’t understand it. So he asked his son if he had been taking care of the plant. ‘Yes, Dad’ the son replied, ‘everyday I come home from school and dig it up to see if it has grown.’

Sometimes things need to be left alone to grow.

It is the same when we desire to create things in our life. When we give them too much attention, we can sometimes quite literally squeeze the life out of them.

The trick is knowing the difference between when the action is to do something or to do nothing.

I was creating something with someone the other day. We were talking about two different aspects of our project. When we talked about one area of the development we were both excited. The energy felt light, but when we talked about another aspect of the project, the energy felt heavy. We realised that where we were excited we were pulling the energy, but where we were forcing it we were pushing the energy.

When we realised what we were doing, we started to ask different questions and ended up making very different choices.

So what were we doing?

Following the energy.

So where in your life are you digging up your tomato plant every day?

Where do you feel like you are trying to force things?

The things we fixate on are generally the things we feel really have to change.  Metaphorically, we can be digging up that plant every day to see if it has grown any.

As Gary Douglas says, ‘The things that don’t change are the things we fixate on. So what you have to look at is what has changed’

So don’t focus on what you think is not happening. You will stick yourself.

Notice the cool things you are creating in your world too.

What is going well?

Don’t make the thing you want to change the only thing that count, otherwise you will squeeze the joy out of your life.

What if, when nothing is happening on the outside, everything is happening on the inside?

What if you could trust yourself and your knowing?

And what if it was possible for things to turn out even greater than you could imagine?

Over to you

If you knew you couldn’t fail, would you relax and take action when it felt right with ease?

Give it a try. Even for one day. See what happens.

If nothing else it will create more ease and space in your world.

Do you have a story to share, then share it! Your story may be exactly what someone else needs to hear today.

Or get in touch with me at laura@lauraborland.com

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