What if solving problems isn’t so great?

I don’t know about you, but I love and adore TED talks and recently went to TEDx Glasgow.

I was so excited when I saw the e-mail telling me I had a ticket.

It was an awesome day, with many inspiring speakers talking about how they are changing the world and what they are contributing to this beautiful planet we live on.

I left with a different view of Glasgow. Glasgow, the city I grew up in and have kind of a love/hate relationship with. I was grateful to have my ‘story’ and points of view challenged.

However, something that really struck me was that a number of the speakers talked about the problems we face and have to overcome.

It really got me thinking.

Why are we so focused on solving problems?

Now maybe that sounds like a ridiculous question to you. Create your life

But for me, I guess I don’t see my world in terms of problems anymore.

Now that is just my point of view.

In my work I hear people talk all the time about overcoming problems or saying that ‘everyone has problems’.

And more and more I am curious about why we focus so much energy on ‘solving problems’?

The more we use our energy in that way the more problems there will always be to solve.

It reminds me of when Mother Theresa was invited to an anti-war rally, she declined and said, ‘but if you invite me to a peace rally I will come’.

Subtle difference.

Powerful shift.

Whole new possibility.

Different world.

Creating feels so much lighter than solving problems.

Mother Theresa was saying she didn’t want to fight anything. When we fight something we are in resistance to it. We actually create more of it so it is there for us to fight. Kinda insane when you think about it.

So thinking about your life.

Do you talk about problems?

I wonder what you could create your life, or business, as if you stopped looking at it as something to be solved?

Now, if at this point you would like to poke me in the eye,  let me say that I’m not suggesting you bury your head in the sand and pretend everything is great if it is not.

With hindsight I can see that in my life the more I believed I had problems and had to overcome them, the more I seemed to create them as solid and bigger and the more insurmountable they felt.

So why focus on solving the ‘problem’ as opposed to looking to what you would like to create?

Why does it matter?

When we create we are looking at possibilities and new and different.

When we solve problems we look for answers.

When we look to create we begin where we are. Not with what the story is, but with ‘what is’.

When we look to solve problems we are forever in the story, trying to overcome it.

When we are creating we are present and pointing forwards.

When we look to solve problems we are living in, and looking to the past.

Creating feels fun and expansive. Problems feel heavy and sticky.

And truth do you ever create problems just so you can solve them to prove how good a ‘problem solver’ you are? No, didn’t think so, I’ve never done that either!

Over to you

So what if you were to take an area of your life you have considered to be a problem and what if you were to begin to look at it differently. To ask yourself questions like,

– What would I like to create this part of my life as?

– What am I not acknowledging here?

–  How could I see, talk and think about this differently?

Want to get in touch? Then drop me a line at laura@lauraborland.com .

And as always let me know what you think or what your experience is – I love hearing from you.

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