So you say you want change, but………

I want to share something with you.

Now you may, or may not know this, but as long as you’re breathing there will always be something that you’ll want to change in your life.


You will never get it done.


Let me tell you something else. There’s nothing wrong with wanting things.

You are a creator and in order to create you have to want.

You want something and then you want something else. You are never satisfied and you will never be satisfied.

Except wanting stuff requires you to change. It requires you to be different, to think different and to do different.

And that’s where we can get a bit stuck.

So what makes us fight so hard to keep things the same, while simultaneously talking about, and desiring, change?

The thing about change is that it brings with it new and unfamiliar territory and therefore can create many emotions within us – Excitement, fear, resistance, curiousity…….What does it evoke for you?

So what’s the only thing that stops you from changing?


Things that are new, and that you have little, or no experience of, can often create a dip in your confidence and when feeling good is the most important thing for you then you’ll choose comfort over change.

Change is just a choice.

A choice that you make. When you don’t choose the change you say you want, generally there’s something you’re not willing to let go of, or some story you’ve created and now believe.

How you see change is how you will experience it.

Want to change how you experience change? Change same

Change how you see it.

How do you that?

Ask questions.

What would I do next if I knew this was going to work out?

What other information do I require?

What do I love about change and what do I hate about change?

What will I know in a year’s time that I know now?

What would it take for this change to be fun?

What would it take for this change to be easier?

Do I really want to change this?

What would I have to give up for this change to occur?

How can you tell when you’re resisting change?

You tell your story over and over.

You make it about things external to you as the justification for not choosing change you say you want.

You talk about the judgements you have about yourself and how you can’t change…….

Nothing keeps you from where you want to be, except you and what you have decided is true for you.

What can help you when you see you’re resisting change?

Change your focus and stop telling the story.

Be grateful for what you have.

Because if you entirely live in the land of the wanting (also known as the land of the lack) then you are not living in the present.

Acknowledge what you have created and what you are grateful for……not what you perceive you lack. Remember you are always going to want – it just goes with being human.

Being grateful will help you become more present with where you are in your life.

What we focus on we see more of. Look for ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – the choice is yours.

What if creating change in your world was like going on a great adventure where the map of the terrain hasn’t yet been created?

I can talk to you forever about what a lemon tastes like, or I can give you a lemon and you can taste it.

All the theoretical knowledge in the world won’t give you the same knowledge as the experience.

Give up how you have decided the change will happen. It never happens in the way you think it will and keeps you blind to the other possibilities that are there.

So what if you could embrace and run towards change, instead of away from it?

What could that create in your life?

Exciting isn’t it?

What you waiting for?

Carpe diem.

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