Is self doubt and comparison keeping you playing small in your world?

It’s one thing playing small in your world. it’s quite another acknowledging that to yourself – cause then what do you do with it?

I recently watched a talk with Brene Brown and it really inspired me.

So, if you have a dream and you’re not taking action to create that as a reality then I really encourage you to watch it. And if you have a dream and are taking action, but still playing it safe, then I still encourage you to watch it.

So where are you making what other people think about you more important than what you know to be true for you?

Here is what I am learning more and more. To create what we really desire requires us to be vulnerable and to really show up in the world, regardless of what the critics say.

As Brene says, ‘If you are going to show up and be seen you will get your ass kicked.’

So I could tell you that I had this all figured out, but I would be lying. Because no matter where I am, there is always more I want to create, and no matter the stage I create, there is always a bigger stage that I want to play on.

Maybe it is the same for you?

I love the line where Brene says to shame, scarcity and comparison, ‘I see you, I hear but I am going to do it anyway.’

So how do you keep going when you feel scared and self doubt and comparison are winning?

Create your compelling why. Get clarity and make your reason and desire bigger than the fear, doubt, comparison or whatever it is for you, that imprisons you. Don’t just make it about you, make it bigger than you. What is that you desire to create in the world that will be a contribution?

Get your own cheerleaders. People who will encourage you and who believe in you. People who have your back.

Ask questions. They can quite literally change everything. Use them to get out of conclusions that stick you.

Be kind to yourself. Judging yourself is using energy against yourself and is more likely to keep you out of the arena. Not sure how then begin with this earlier post Judgement. The Possibility Slayer

And when you are totally in your head with it all use this amazing tool from Access Consciousness, ‘Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be.’ Just keep saying it until your energy changes. It will!

Over to you

I would like to leave you with two questions to ponder and a challenge….

The questions…… rsz_laura_940_question 476x287

1. What change are you denying on the planet, what people could you contribute to if you were to step into your arena?

2. What would it take for you to boldly stand up, and by definition stand out, and unapologetically claim your own worth in the world?

And the challenge….

Go on step into your arena. I dare you.

PS Pass it on.

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