How often do you go out of your mind?

Our minds are truly wonderful. Limited, but wonderful.

Wonderful for millions of reasons…. They enable us to breathe and they keep our hearts beating without us having to think about it. Wonderful because they are awesome for remembering skills like walking and driving and language and directions and names – to name a few things.

But limited, because our mind only knows what it knows.

The mind is like a reference library full of books, you can only find information that’s in the books.  No matter how hard you look, if the book isn’t there you won’t find the information.

We are taught from an early age that to be smart we need to have the answers.

Our education system values intellect (mind) over knowing (intuition), and so from a very young age we learn to believe that life needs to be figured out and solved and that we need to have the answers.

What if that weren’t true?

Our wonderful, limited mind……

……is always looking for problems to solve. Isn’t it strange how often we can solve one problem and then another shows up. It can begin to feel like life is something to be solved.

…… lives everywhere but here and now. It worries about the future and ruminates over the past. It can leave you feeling that it is hard to take action in the only place that you ever are. Here and now.

……generally rejects new ideas wanting to stick with what it knows. It can mean that you throw out your creative ideas and dreams before you have time to nurture and explore them.

……goes round in circles telling the same story over and over again……Making you feel worse and worse and often more confused.

……tells you that when you get that thing you desire that your life will be good – better than it is now. Except it rarely works out that way. We just replace one desire with another.

……compares you with others. Generally unfavourably. It can make you feel like your life isn’t working out the way it ‘should be.’

…… wants to get it right. Which often means that we rationalise and pour endlessly over things trying to find the right answer.

So here’s my question….. How often do you go out of your mind?

The mind creates limitations. It’s what makes you feel you are living in a box. To truly create the life you desire you need to go out of your mind and out of limitations.

What if getting out of your mind offer you a different possibility to create your life? What if you could begin to master your mind?

Interested? Get curious and experiment.

1. What if you are where you are because of the choices that you’ve made? What if you could just drop judgment and choose something else?

2. Get present. Focus on your breathing, bring your attention into your body. It will sooth your mind.

3. Ask yourself, ‘If I knew that this was going to work out what would I do next?’

4. When your mind is going round in circles you are stuck in a conclusion. Kind of like being on a roundabout and never choosing an exit.  Ask a question – it can be something as simple as ‘What else is possible here that I haven’t thought of?’

5. Get happy now. The idea that something or someone is going to make you happy is an illusion. Change your focus and look for what is good. Because wherever you focus your attention you will see more of the same. What if happiness is just another choice?

6. Find ways to begin to trust your knowing. Listen to your gut instinct or your intuition. It knows more than you can ever cognitively know.

7. What if you gave up the need to be right, or to get it right? What if, instead you just chose what felt right for you in that moment, knowing that you can choose again and again and again.

So maybe it’s worth going out of your mind – who knows what could happen!

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