What does your native land say about you?

Watching the opening ceremony of the commonwealth games, one phrase that Billy Connolly used really struck me. He likened Glasgow as being a place where it’s people go to the ‘school of hard knocks’.

Is that just how it is, or is that how we’ve unconsciously created it and now it’s our story?

A story that has been handed down through generations and kept alive through colloquialisms like…..

Life is hard. world maps

Life is a struggle.

No pain, no gain.

If it’s not worth fighting for then it is not worth having.

You can’t have it all.

You are too big for your boots.

You deserve it, you have worked so hard.

Life’s a bitch and then you die.

If you walk around the city you hear these phrases all the time.  It is like we have become deaf to what we are saying.

Maybe I should also say to those of you reading this who don’t know me, that I am from Glasgow.

It is a beautiful city, with much talent – but there is a back drop of suffering and struggle that seems to permeate the very molecules of the air in the city.

Do we really have to suffer to be the creative geniuses we are?

Now there may be some that say yes. That it is because there has been so much adversity and struggle that there is the talent there is. Artists, musicians, comedians, poets, authors, business people…..The list is long.

I am not so sure I buy that. I get that is what has happened. But how is that working for us?

So here is my question.

What if we could create from a space of ease and not a space of struggle?

Now I do not exclude myself from this.

I have unconsciously created great struggle in my life. Just as well I am cute, cause I am not always so bright!

But the more I conscious I become, the more I can see that this is the space I’ve been creating from.  And I don’t have to keep doing that, unless I keep choosing it.

Now you may not be from Glasgow, but every city and country has their own story.

So what is the story of your city or country?

Are you aware of it?

Have you bought into it?

And how is this defining and limiting you?

What if you could begin to give up that story?

Who would you be then and what could you create?

Just wondering.

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