Who or what are you making more important than what you know to be true for you?

I was recently working with someone who I respect, admire and like. We were discussing something, (it is not important what) and I felt judged and I vocalised that. My emotions were running high. I was trying to justify my position and prove myself right (and where one person is right, by definition another person has to be wrong).

It was an uncomfortable conversation that left me feeling heavy.

So the old me would have felt bad, not good enough etc. It would have taken me into judgement of myself and how I had reacted, and I may have dwelled on this and let it taint other areas of my life. But in a really short space of time I was able to turn this around. How?

It is all about the questions you ask.

So what does this mean?

When we get stuck in conclusions we stop the flow of energy (kind of like building a damn in the river). When we ask questions we begin to get the energy flowing again and other possibilities, ideas and awarenesses can show up.

So what awarenesses did the questions reveal?

– It was curious to me that I was trying to justify my position.

Interesting choice.

– That perhaps I like to be right more than I like to admit. 

Hmmm, that’ll be why people keep showing up in my life who are all about telling me how right they are – I might want to change my story on that one? 🙂

– That I was making what was true for someone else, more important that what I know to be true for me.

And that awareness helped me see other places I have done that.

And actually as I write this, I am so grateful for the gift and the contribution that this exchange has been for me and what I now know that I was previously unaware of.

With this awareness I can now create something even greater than what was previously possible.

So why am I writing about this?

Sometimes where we trip ourselves up is in believing that we have to fix stuff or get it right.  Blocks Spelling Trust Falling Over As Symbol for Lack Of Confidence

It is all just a journey. There is no destination. Ease up on yourself.

There is no end to knowing ourselves – there will always be more to discover and learn.

So quit judging yourself for who you are not and acknowledge yourself for who you are today.

Over to you

So how does this connect with you and where you are in your life?

In particular, I am wondering where in your life you are so stuck in ‘what is’ that you cannot see ‘what else’?

Where do you so want to be right and by doing so you are limiting yourself and what is possible?

Where could you ask expansive questions instead of holding onto your comfortable, but limited, conclusions?

And most importantly where are you making someone else’s point of view more important than what you know to be true for you?

What is true for you will always be light and what’s not true for you will always be heavy.

So what if you could trust you and your knowing more in your life? What could that create for you, that until now you have not been able to create?

Just asking. Not sure how or what? Then get in touch at laura@lauraborland.com

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