Living in a topsy turvy world

Once upon a time there was a planet where, over time, everything had become pretty much upside down.

On this planet knowledge and power and rationale and status and ‘stuff’ had become the most valuable things. Conformity was king and acceptance was fundamental for many who lived there.

Head knowledge was considered far more important than heart knowledge.

But here’s the thing. On this planet not enough people were connected to their joy. They were connected to their reason, lived in their heads, and most of the fun had gone out of most things for them. For many life was a chore, something to endure and fight.

The irony was that they were powerful beyond all measure. It is just that most people had forgotten this, or had never been told and so they just accepted the status quo and tried to make themselves fit.

What if I said that this planet was called earth?

What if things are not really as they appear? And what if the way to joy, happiness and fulfilment isn’t what we have been taught?

Kinda an interesting idea.

So is your life stuffed with joy and laughter and fulfilment and happiness? If not, maybe it’s time to change the way you look at things?

  • What if, instead of looking for the answer outside yourself, you believed and knew, you had the answers inside?
  • What if, you stopped listening to ‘the experts’ and started trusting yourself to know what is best for you?
  • What if, you stopped trying and went with your knowing, using the flow of energy as your map?
  • What if, you stopped ruminating over past, learned what you needed to and dropped the pointless emotions that just weigh you down?
  • What if, you stopped worrying about the future and focused on your only point of power – here and now?
  • What if you stopped comparing yourself to others and just embraced the unique gift you are to the planet?

Your point of view creates your reality.

If you could figure it all out, you would have already done it by now.  So stop trying to figure it out. It blocks the energy. Stay in the question. This will bring about change.

If you know that more is possible and that ‘the way of the world’ just doesn’t work for you, then maybe it’s time to do something radical. Maybe it’s time to create your world from your perspective, with who you are at this moment in time, knowing that you can change and knowing that anything is possible. How does that sound?


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