Are you living in the no-choice universe?

Do you ever really long for something, and then when you get it you’re not so sure that you want it anymore?

This happened to me recently.  Change your choice

Something I’ve been asking to show up in my life for a while did. To begin with I was really excited about all the possibilities and opportunities it could create in my world.  But then somewhere the energy became funky…… Now for me what that means is that something had shifted, it was no longer feeling light or exciting, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. It felt heavy.

Ok, so I knew there was something going on here. I just didn’t know what. What was confusing me was this was something that I had really really wanted!

My thoughts began to become more and more curious to me – almost like I knew they didn’t belong to me, except there they were in my head……

Nothing was shifting the energy. And then by asking the questions that create magic I got the awareness. I had gone to live in the no choice universe. I just hadn’t realised it.

So what is the no-choice universe?

Well in the no choice universe you only get to choose something once and then you have to see it through, do it, stick with it regardless and you cannot change it.

Doesn’t really sound like so much fun?

I had made a choice and then somewhere I had unconsciously decided and concluded that I couldn’t change my mind or choose something else. As soon as I remembered that I could choose today and then again tomorrow I was back to the excitement and wonder and possibility.

And the only thing that had changed was how I was seeing it.

So where in your life are you living in the no-choice universe?

Is it the job you have decided you cannot leave?

Or maybe the relationship that makes you miserable but you feel you cannot leave?

Or the business you want to close?

Or the person you keep saying yes to because you feel you can’t say no.

Living in the land of choice is about fun and possibility and expansion. While the no choice universe is all about necessity and contraction.

Eckhart Tolle says, It is not the event that creates our experience, but how we view the event.

So if this is you ask yourself what else is possible? If I was truly choosing for me what would I choose?

Once you have the awareness you can choose with more awareness. Change is always possible. Always. We live in a world of infinite choice. And here’s the thing.  There is always choice. Always. And choosing the no-choice universe is still a choice. Yip, strange but true.

PS Pass it on.

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