If your life was a book and you were the author, what would your story be?

Let me tell you a story…..When I was 29, I was in a job where I managed to persuade my boss to pay for me to have some Career Coaching. Weird I know, but my skills of persuasion are good!

Anyway on my first session the coach said, ‘So tell me the story of how you came to be doing what your current job?’

And so I started telling my story from leaving school. Within a couple of minutes I began to laugh out loud. Something that had never been obvious to me until that moment became so clear.

It was this ……There had been no conscious thought or intention about how I came to be doing what I was. I had just stumbled from one thing to another, mostly because of what I didn’t like.

The idea that I could choose what I would like to create in any aspect of my life was a totally new concept to me.

I didn’t even really know what I liked to do, but I was very good at telling you all the things I didn’t like.

Is this you?

Open bookThe biggest gift for me from that coaching was beginning to consider the possibility that I was the author of my story. It was the first time I dreamed about having my own business.

So let me ask you a question.

If your life was a book and you were the author, what would your story be?

One of adventure and joy and happiness or one of struggle and suffering and making do?

Would it be your outrageous story or a safe story? Or one that has been written and lived by many before you?

Over to you

There is no right or wrong answer to this question.

If you have no idea what your story would be, then what if you could let the story emerge – a bit like drawing a picture?

What if everything you are doing could inform that? What if it’s as simple as beginning to be present and noticing what you do like doing and what is fun for you?

And don’t make it significant. When we make things significant, we get so tied in knots trying to get it right that we often paralyse ourselves.

So in your story, what if  there was no right,  because what if trying to get it right is actually stopping you from seeing what is possible – and what would make your heart sing?

What if you could do a million rewrites along the way?

After all you are the author – you get to decide.

Or perhaps you know, but believe you cannot live or choose that story.

Life is just. It will always give you what you expect.

You get to choose what you are creating. Conscious or unconscious you are creating all the time.

It is just so much more fun when we begin to do it consciously – because that is when the magic can begin to show up.

And what would stop you using the magic that is available to us all?

You have choices.

So choose. Begin.

Not sure how to begin. Then get in touch to explore how you can begin to creating your own magic.

If not now, when?

PS. Pass it on

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