Keep going. You can do it!!!

Today is my birthday. 

Happy birthday to me. 

And yet it’s no big deal, we all have one of these once a year. 

When my birthday comes round it can feel like a reflective time for me and as I sit and reflect on the life that I’m creating now, and I rewind to 6 or 7 years ago, I’m really struck by just how different my life was back then. 

Back then I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could get off the planet – exit this misery I was living.

Life was hard, it was unfair. I just didn’t know how to make it work. I was convinced that there was definitely something fundamentally wrong with me.

And back in today…… Well, today I’m consciously creating an intentional life that I love love love to live.  I am so grateful for my life. 

Now my life is just beyond what I could ever imagine. 

I have a wonderful thriving business doing something I love to do, a beautiful home, a wonderful playmate, rich relationships, ease with money and adventures.…. I have a total lust for life, for the adventure of living, and more peace than I could ever have imagined was possible. 

But the thing that’s the most important thing to me in all of this, is who I have become (and continue to become) in this journey. This journey that has no destination. 

So if you are living a life that you love to life I totally celebrate you.

I celebrate you for being an owner of your life, and using your unique precious gift of life to create. This article is not for you. 

However, if you are not in that space but would like to be then read on. 

If you are struggling, or would like to create some change and it feels like you can’t, you’re tired  of trying, you feel trapped, or you think you are somehow flawed…. then I am here to tell you that you are not!!! 

Can you hear that? 

All too many of us are trying to get through life. This sucks the energy from us, and the energy it requires to keep going is sometimes more than we think we have available to us. And believe me I am talking from first hand experience. 

Loads of debt. Yip I can tick that box. 

Had a business that failed. 

Had romantic relationships where I totally sold myself out, and lost all sense of who I was. 

Used food and alcohol to numb myself, and at times made an arse of myself through alcohol. 

Chose from a space of trying to please others, rather than trusting myself and choosing what was true for me.

Couldn’t create money, and didn’t have not enough money to be able to pay my bills. 

Hated and judged my body.

Yes…. I can tick all of these boxes…..

Oh, and had to go home to my parents and live there because I had no money to be able to afford my own space. 

And it wasn’t just what I was experiencing that was causing me pain, but it was the shame I felt about all these things. 

I felt like a total failure.

People who were successful pissed me off. 

And believe me feeling like a total failure is a pretty impossible place to create anything from, except more things to reinforce that feeling of failure. 

Today I look back at the person I was back then and I have soooooo much compassion for her. For the pain and suffering I innocently caused myself by not understanding how life worked. For being a victim of life and being totally blind to it. 

So wherever you are and whatever is going in your world. I get it. 

No matter where you are this can change. No matter how hard it is. You can change it. I know you can. 

I believe in you. 

Now that may sound like some platitude and bullshit, but it’s not. I mean that from my heart. Here’s how I can say that with total conviction.

We are all made of the same stuff. We all have the same capacity for greatness. Every last one of us, no exceptions. No matter what you have created. 

Let me repeat that. No matter what you have created.

Everything that you think is happening to you, is actually happening FOR you. 

That debt, distastrous relationship, falling business, body that is failing you..whatever it is for you. 

We are the alchemists.

We are the powerful ones. It’s just that we have forgotten we are. We have forgotten how powerful we are.

For me the changes started to occur when I began to surrender, to know that applying more force and effort and trying was actually what was keeping me stuck.  I was doing what I knew, I was too afraid to be uncomfortable and do anything scary, so I blocked and unconsciously limited myself and kept myself stuck. And I kept telling the same stories over and over. 

So let me ask you two questions.

Both are simple yes or no answers. 

  1. Are you committed to changing this? (To say yes you don’t know have to know how to change it, just that you are committed to changing it) 
  2. Are you willing to be uncomfortable? 

Be real. Don’t bullshit yourself. If it is a ‘no’ that’s fine. You are just not ready to change. But then here is my curious question – ‘what will have to happen for you to choose something different?’

And if you said yes….. 

Find someone to talk to. Reach out. The answer is in you. Find someone who will help you discover what that it is for you, and help you connect with the courage you have inside of you to take that next tiny step. 

Remember no exceptions to this. You can change this. 

Anything is possible. You CAN do this. I know you can. 

If someone had described my life to me today back them I would thought they were mad, and yet here I am….

And since it’s my birthday, I’m off to the beautiful beach to play in the sea. Sending you a hug wherever you are 

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