What is it that you keep digging up in your life, that you just need to leave alone?

Is life really a struggle? It is if you think it is.

What about work? – do you have to work hard for money? Only if you believe that.

Do things always work out? Entirely up to you. The choice is yours.

We’re born into cultures where the norms and stories are already established. We’re brought up within these cultures, and all too often we believe these things to be true – because that is what we experience. But here’s the curious thing, why is it that we’re not all having the same experience then – even when brought up in the same culture?

Is that about luck, upbringing, determination, talent – or is it more to do what with ‘what you believe you create?’

I’m from Glasgow and some of the common collective stories there are: you have to work hard for money; there’s never enough money; I’m not good enough (have you seen the Scottish football team in action?! :))

So what are some of the stories from your culture that you grew up with?

We unconsciously embody the energy of the culture and environment that we’re born into, these stories shape our lives and our experiences – that is until they don’t. Until we wake up and begin to question the stories. It is just that some of us never to do that, and others of us do it to a greater, or lesser extent.

I believe that we are born creators.

What a tragedy that some of us never get that, living life like it is something that happens to us. There’s so much fun and adventures we could be creating, and misery we could be avoiding.

Could it really be that simple? Could it?

I really do wonder?

I’ve been fascinated with this idea for years, both personally and professionally. There are so many wonderful conversations I get to have with clients who ‘wake up’ to the stories that have been unconsciously creating their lives (in ways that are not working for them): the client who no longer buys into the ‘worry story’ and so has way more energy to create, another client who no longer feels powerless because they are not buying into the ‘powerless story’ who feels liberated.

When we change our story (and it is much easier to do than we think it is) it really does feel like the world around us magically changes.

When I was about 11 or 12 (long before I knew about creating) people used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I never knew, but what I did know was that I wanted to play at the Royal Albert Hall in London (I played the trombone at the time.) Amazingly I did play at the Royal Albert Hall when I was 16…….

We create whether we do it consciously or unconsciously. Much more fun to be had when we do it consciously!

So here is what I know. Whatever you’re focused on you will get more of, whether it’s working for or against you. That is how the indiscriminate universe works.

Think about two areas in your life. One that works really well for you, the other that you feel isn’t working as you would like it to.

I wonder how much time you spend thinking about the area that works well for you. Probably not that much, as opposed to the area that you feel doesn’t work so well. I bet that you spend more time thinking about that area, talking about it, trying to figure it out – working ‘hard’ to make it better.

Perhaps this is why when we really focus our attention on something, from a space of lack, it can appear to get worse and worse.


I once heard a story about a wee boy who was watching his Dad grow tomatoes. He asked his Dad if he could have one to grow. His Dad agreed, telling him to take good care of the plant. So, after a few weeks the wee boy’s plant was looking half dead, while the Dad’s were thriving. The wee boy’s Dad said to him, ‘Son I told you to look after your plant, what are you doing to it?’ The wee boy replied, “I am looking after it!  Every day when I get home I dig it up to see if it has grown!”

So what is it that you keep digging up in your life, that you just need to leave alone?

Now if that feels scary, then just leave it alone for today. Tomorrow is another day, you can choose again tomorrow.

Look at the area that’s working well in your life, the area that feels like it has ease. What energies are you there? Relaxed, confident, happy, at ease? What would happen if you could begin to be these energies in the other area? Just to try it out, just for fun, just to see what that creates.

It is not what we do that creates, but who we be as we do the creating, and that makes all the difference.

Give it a go. You might be surprised.

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