Judgment. The possibility slayer.

In what ways do you judge yourself?

Is it at work or home or your parenting skills or your business or how you look or what kind of partner you are or the house you live in or something else? The list could go on and on……

But here’s the thing.

Judgement will kill possibilities every time.

When we judge ourselves we lock ourselves into a fixed point of view, and we become blind to other possibilities.

We take up positions. We go over and over it in our heads. We feel the pain of the emotions. We look for evidence to support our position. We tell our story to others.

Except judgement never gives us what we want. It makes us feel powerless and frustrated and trapped.

JudgeSo you have two choices. Keep doing what you’re doing or do something different.

Ha! Easier said than done you may say.

So how do you do something different?

Get curious.

Notice where you are judging yourself and see it as interesting. You can’t change what you’re not aware of.

Question everything. Accept nothing.

You get to be a brand new you every day, unless you decide not to. Why stick with what’s not working? Why live someone else’s, or society’s, idea of you?

Change what you are choosing.

You are the boss of you. You can be anything you choose. What are you choosing?

Not sure, then look at your life. What you see is what you’re choosing.

Don’t like it. Change your choice.

A ship that changes it’s course by one degree will end up in a completely different place over time. Small changes often have the biggest impact in our lives.

Take steps, even if they are tiny. Just move in the direction you want to go.

I don’t think that anyone has managed to climb Ben Nevis in one step yet! It takes gazillion of small steps. Each one, in and of itself insignificant, but when you put all these steps together……

Get clear about what your life would look like without this judgement hanging like an albatross around your neck.

What would happen if you stopped judging yourself in this area? What would happen if you started to show yourself the kindness that you so easily show others.

What difference could that make to your life, your living, your business, your world?

What would that feel like?

Remember you’ve got two choices……

Change what you’re choosing. Drop judgement. It’s the possibility slayer.


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