Is ‘trying hard’ working for you?

How often do you make you wrong in order to try and fit in with other’s versions of you?

I’ve recently been working with some people who’ve been trying really hard to make themselves fit into  their environments. It’s taking a lot of energy and time and effort and it’s really not getting them the results they desire. It’s sapping their energy, killing their confidence and making them focus on what they’re not, instead of what they are.

Why? Because they’re quite literally denying their uniqueness, their talents and the gift they are to the world.

What makes us do this?

We get caught up in the illusions of our conditioning. We create rules for ourselves that we believe are true. Rules we feel we have to adhere to (otherwise we judge ourselves) and we twist ourselves in knots. The more we do this the less we can see who we actually are. So we try harder to be whatever it is we think we should be so we can prove ourselves (although I am not so sure what we are really proving?) instead of trusting our knowing.

We make ourselves wrong and then believe that there is something to fix.

What if there was nothing for you to fix? What if you’re perfect just as you are?

It’s just that you can’t see who you really are, because the idea of who you should be has gotten in the way and blinded you to you.

When we’re in alignment we feel peace, joy, lightness and we flow. When we’re out of alignment we worry and stress and feel heavy.

So how can you ‘do you?’ Genuis

There’s a book called ‘What’s Your Genius’ written by Jay Niblick .  The book is the result of seven years of research into what drives individual performance and excellence to see if common factors could be identified that only existed among the top performers. What the research revealed is that the most successful people don’t follow conventional wisdom.

They understand that their natural talents are fixed and therefore they don’t spend their lives trying to change their natural thinking talents in vain. They understand that they are who they are, and instead of wasting vast amounts of energy trying to become something they are not, they invest that energy in trying to better apply the natural talents they already possess. To quote an expert in the field, Dr. Robert Hartman, today’s best performers, “Stop trying to put in what God left out and instead work with what He put in.”

Do you know what your natural talents are? Are you using them? Or are you just trying hard?

Here’s the clue……. if it feels like fun you’re using your talents, even if you don’t consciously know what they are.

But if you get physically sick or feel stressed a lot of the time. Or your heart sinks at the thought of going to work. Or you have no enthusiasm for what you are doing and you’re dragging yourself through each day then you’re definitely not relying on your natural talents…….

Maybe it’s time for some radical action? Maybe it’s time to stop to guessing what your talents are and take action to find them and use them?

What are your talents? What sets you on fire? How much do you get to do that in your life?

Need help figuring it out? Drop me an e-mail or give me a call.

Why choose hard when you could choose easy? It’s a no brainer.



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