Where are you being insane in your world I wonder?

Einstein famously said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Now you may get what that means for your actions – but what about your thoughts?

Are you aware of areas of your life where you’re having the same thoughts over and over again? 

Perhaps not.

I guess the easiest way to see where you’re having the same thinking, is where something in your life isn’t changing or seems stuck.

The thinking we have either blocks us or enables us. Not always so easy to see for yourself in the moment, which is one of the many reasons why coaching is so great!

I know that for me personally, there have been times in my life where I really wanted to change something and it just didn’t seem to budge – no matter how hard I tried!  What I realise now is that I just didn’t question that voice in my head that was chatting incessantly to me – I took all that thinking  seriously (very seriously) – I thought it said something about me and was giving me important information about the situation.

So let me give you an example. I remember once talking to someone about the problems I had creating money. I really felt that I needed to solve it and figure it out, and most definitely fix it!

What they said to me really stopped me in my tracks.

‘You are not experiencing money, you are experiencing your thinking about money. Stop looking at money, get curious about your thinking. ‘

Now at the time it seemed that what they were saying was quite mad – but given that I was running out of ideas I decided to give what they were saying a shot for a week…. What was amazing was that I began to create some distance between me and my thinking, and the distance allowed some new thinking to arise – and voila things began to shift in my world.

I thought I had a problem with money, I didn’t realise the only ‘problem’ I had was with my thinking.

Nowadays my thinking about money is very different, far more playful. The  ‘money story’ still runs from time to time, it comes in new and different disguises and it seems like a game to spot it now. Definitely not the serious business that it used to be.

Our money story has nothing to do with the money we have.

Now you may say, as I once did, but I don’t have enough…..

So how is it that people with ‘a lot’ of money can think they don’t have enough, whereas people with far less can feel they have enough. It has nothing to do with the money and everything to do with our thinking.

So I wonder what thoughts you’re thinking over and over and over again – that keeps you stuck in place that kinda sucks?

So is it money or business or body or sex or relationships or health for you?

See the thing is that all too often we think we are our thoughts. We identify with the thinking we have, of course we do we have evidence of it. So we are definitely right – right?

Well………what if things are not quite as they seem? Would you be open to that possibility?

What if you are not your thoughts? What if they are not saying anything about you, but just thinking that is passing through you like the clouds pass across the sky?

Over to you – Conduct a curious experiment

So I challenge you to get curious about your thinking in an area of your life that isn’t working for you.

How do you do this? Just became aware of the thinking that you have, you don’t have to change it or stop it. Watch it in the way that you would watch a movie. With curiosity, not judgement.

Not to create any different outcome, just to give yourself more ease. With more ease there can be more space, and more space means more possibilities and ideas can show up.

Things are not always, or indeed ever, as they seem. Now there’s an exciting thought!

Give it a go. As a curious experiment, just for fun – who knows what could shift?

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