Increase your confidence in the time it takes you to read this article.

Confidence has come up as theme with clients recently. What’s been really awesome is the change that we’ve created in super quick time by asking some questions which has allowed their story to change.

So if confidence is something you’d like to have more of then read on.

Write down the first answers that come into your head when you read these questions.

1. What areas of your life do you not feel confident in?

2. What does it stop you from doing?

3. If you could increase your confidence, what would that create in your life that you currently don’t have?

4. Where in your life do you feel confident?

Ok got your answers. Let’s go.

Your ‘lack of confidence’ is just an interesting point of view

I’m assuming that you identified some aspect of your life where you feel confident?

Great. you can feel confident in one area then you can feel it in any other area of your life that you choose to.

Your point of view creates your reality.

Change your point of view. Change your reality.

Somewhere you decided you weren’t confident, or else someone told you weren’t and you decided that this was true and so unconsciously you’ve created that in your life as your experience.

If you have concluded that you are not confident it makes it very difficult for anything else to be able to show up in your experience.

What if confidence is not a technique you have to learn but just a story that you have to choose to change?

Lack of confidence is a lie.

You don’t lack confidence. There is nothing you are lacking. Everything you need is inside of you.

You have just as much confidence inside you as everyone else on the planet.

It just a case of how much you connect with it.

Don’t believe me. Then do this.

Stand up and walk across the room like you are the most confident person in the world.

Need a little help to get going. Push your shoulders back, imagine there’s a string pulling your head to the moon and look up as you walk.

Now definitely don’t do this as you wouldn’t want to know what it was like to access confidence instantly would you???

What if you could pull that out and use it whenever you needed it?

The meaning of confidence is often confused

Have you misidentified confidence as being good at something?

What comes naturally to you is also easy and so isn’t difficult to do. However often what we are great at is invisible to us.

We tend to disregard the things we can do with ease and value ourselves for the things we suck at.

Acknowledge what you are good at and do more of that. Your confidence will soar.

What if your ‘lack of confidence’ isn’t yours?

Now this may sound a little strange, but give this a go. The next time you find yourself experiencing feelings of lack of confidence ask yourself this.

‘Who does this belong to?’

If it lightens up or disappears for you then it’s not yours.

Just do you.

What if, what you describe as ‘lack of confidence’ is just that you’ve never really learned to listen to yourself and you have always been trying to live someone else’s version of you in their reality.

When you try to be something you’re not it will never feel good.

Listen to, and connect with your knowing.

As Judy Garland  said, ‘Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.

Are you avoiding confidence to avoid judgment?

Do you avoid being confident because you don’t want to be judged?

Often people who are confident are judged as arrogant, too big for their boots etc etc.

So what would happen if you were to be the confident version of you that is waiting on the wings to be tapped into?

Would you be judged?


Except here’s the thing – people will judge you anyway.

Their judgement has nothing to do with you. Don’t make it yours.

Don’t let that create you as smaller than you truly are

So let me ask you again. Truth. Are you really not confident?????

Confidence is just as available to you as the air that you breathe. You just have to choose it.

The choice is yours.

But here’s my question. Is what you are seeing taking you to where you want to go?

Just asking.

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