How hard are you trying in business?

In business and in life, I often hear people say they think they have to push and force to make things happen. That, if we are not ‘trying hard’ then nothing will happen. It was how I did business and life for a long time, and it’s exhausting on so many levels! 

We can get so focused on where we think we want to be (somewhere in the made up fantasy future, where we believe that life will be better), that we make ourselves wrong for where we are and so blind ourselves to what is possible in the moment. 

It’s ironic really, because seen from a different perspective we can see that our minds may change the content, but it’s the same old story that runs, ‘Life will be better when….’  regardless of what is happening on the outside. 

The mind is such a trickster! It’s always moving the goal posts. It often longs to be anywhere other than in the present moment. 

Trying to figure out the future is like a 5 year old worrying about their A level exams they sit when they are 17 or 18. It makes absolutely no sense. 

And the cost of this? 

We give up the only place we have access to our power –  the present moment. 

We believe that we have to ‘figure it out’, which takes us out of the present moment, when our wisdom is only available to us in the present moment. 

But the mind only knows what the mind knows and when we are creating something, we want access to new ideas, solutions, wisdom. We want to access to what the ‘I know mind’ doesn’t know.

And I’m not suggesting you don’t have a huge vision as long as it something that energises, inspires and motivates you. However, when it begins to feel like being in a self made prison, then perhaps it is time to slow down, drop the judgment, and come back into the present moment. 

To reality. 

To what is going on in front of you – right here, right now. 

When we’re in the future then we’re missing what’s going on right now. It makes me think about walking up Ben Nevis…. When my attention is focused on what is yet to come, then I’m more likely to trip over the stone right in front of me. 

It’s the same in business. 

We become so future focused. We miss possibilities for new connections, ideas, relationships and choices that could create what we are dreaming of. Or else we see some of these things and then push so hard because we don’t trust that it will happen without us, or we are hoodwinked by scarcity so we believe we have to fight for it. 

… And don’t get me wrong. I do this too! We all do, but when I notice, I practice bringing myself back into the present moment asking ‘What is actually going on? What can I do right here right now? 

Can it really be this simple? Well that’s for you to answer I guess. Perhaps it’s worth testing it out. And if you are curious to explore this more then Steve Chandler and I would love to invite you to our 1 day workshop in London on Creativity in Business on Saturday May 4th 2019.

What would it be like to do business different for you I wonder? 

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