Hey, watch your language!

No, I’m not talking about swearing, I’m talking about everyday language you use.

We have 26 letters in our alphabet, which create an infinite amount of words. Amazing really. But given there are an infinite number of words, do you tend to use the same words over and over? Are you even aware of the words that you use?

Read this list of phrases:alphabet

I have to…… 

I ought to……

I need to……

I want to……

I desire to……

I choose to……

I love to…..

Which ones do you most often use in your life?

Be honest with yourself. There’s no right or wrong answer. There’s just awareness, and with awareness we can make different choices.

I know for me, I use different language in different areas of my life. In areas where I feel comfortable and confident I tend more to ‘choose’ and ‘love, but for areas that feel icky (and we all have them) I probably slide more into from ‘want’ down to ‘have’ to.

Language is so much more powerful than we think it is.

What we say shows what we think and our thoughts create our feelings, which creates our behaviour, which creates our experience.

Take this everyday example. When we meet someone often our greeting is, ‘how are you?’

Most common replies are:


Not bad.

Can’t complain.

Getting by.

But occasionally someone will say.

I’m great!

I’m grand.

Never been better.

What a difference our choice of words can make to the interactions and energy we create with others.

So not sure what language you use?

Get curious

Notice the words you use over the next few days. And listen to other people’s language, it’ll tell you a lot about how they see themselves and how they feel about their world.

If you notice that you use the phrases I have to, I ought to and I need to a lot in your life then ask yourself how much control, choice and freedom you feel you have? How much do you feel you are playing by other people’s rules?

The other phrase commonly used here is I should…. When you use the word ‘should’ chances are you have some belief that you’re living by that you may not be conscious of.

The world of oughts and haves and needs and shoulds is not happy world to live in.

There is always choice. It is just that we can’t always see it.

So ask yourself what other choices you could have if you dropped your story?

Or maybe you talk about what you want and desire? While there’s feeling of more possibilities in this language, it is more about a wish. Wanting or desiring something doesn’t mean that you will choose it. This language tells a story about what you feel is lacking in your life and experience.

Or maybe you say  I choose to and I love to. There’s a whole world of a difference when someone does something because they love or choose to do it as opposed to needing to do it. Need feels heavy and love feels light.

So over to you

What we talk about we create. So where are your words taking you?

Start by changing one word at a time and see what shows up.

If you have experience of changing your words to create a diferent reality then leave a comment below to inspire others.

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