Give up trying. It’s a waste of time.

What would you like in your life that you currently don’t have?

A partner. A great business. More money. Better health.

How long have you wanted it?

How hard have you tried to get it?

How frustrated do you feel?

Do you, like many people I work with, have a wee voice in your head that likes to tell you that you won’t get what you want? Because you’re not good enough, don’t deserve it…… Your voice will have it’s own things it likes to tell you.

How much does it grate with you that other people make it seem so easy and that no matter what you do it’s still not there for you?

Here’s my top tip. Stop trying. You’re wasting your time.Trying

Now for years it made me mad when people said this. I was (and still can be the doing queen) If I wasn’t trying what would I be doing?

So let me ask you some questions…….

What’s working well in your life?

How much thought do you give to it? Yip, probably not that much.

How much time do you use to think about what’s not working in your life?

Be honest.

Ok…..probably more than you would like to admit.

Our minds, beautiful as they are, are a bit like 2 year olds.

They always need something to do and if we don’t consciously choose, then we will unconsciously choose what they focus on.

I totally believe that anything we desire in our lives we can create. Anything.

When we try really hard our energy is coming from a place of pushing. A place of lack. A place of desperation.

What if there was an easier way?

Over to you

So when you feel frustrated with trying and it’s taking you nowhere fast, here are some alternative ideas.

Remember have an attitude of curiosity. Do it with no expectations. Kind of like an explorer.

Because even in the moment it would be better to feel relief from the frustration of trying – right??

1. Focus on something else even for 20 minutes. It will change your perspective and may create some space for more possibilities to show up.

2. Get present. All worry is future based and regret is past based.

Ask yourself what you can see, touch, feel, hear. It will bring you back to where you actually are – the present – and then you can choose to continue trying or choose something else. But whatever you do, you will be doing it consciously.

3. What action can you take right now? Do what you can and then let it go for now. You can come back to it when it requires further attention.

Do what is light and flows easily for you. Not what you feel you should – the energy will be all clunky. However, if you really feel that you have to do something that you don’t want to then ask yourself ‘how can I use this to my advantage?’

4. Shift your attention. Speak of what is great in your life.  Do it for a minute. It is so simple and yet will totally change your energy.

5. Ask yourself questions. For example, what would having that which you want ultimately give you?

Peace, happiness, ease?  What could you do to begin creating that in your life right now?

Often we try so hard not because we want it to come faster, but because we doubt that what we want will come at all. If you could know that what you wanted was on it’s way how much ease would that give you?

What difference would it make to your world if you lived truly knowing that?

PS Pass it on

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