How to get what you want with more ease

In a world that is obsessed with doing,  where we seem to thrive on busy, what if ‘being’ is actually the key to creating the change you’ve been looking for in your world?

As Ghandi so famously said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’.Busy man

Now I would just like to point out that he did not say ‘Do the change you want to see in the world.’

So let me ask you a question.

What space does your doing come from?

Sound like a weird question? Then let me explain what I mean.

Have you ever had a sales person push what they are selling at you?

Does it make you feel inclined to buy from them?

No. It makes you want to run a mile.

Have you ever been chatted up by someone who pushes their energy at you?

Does it make you want to date them?

No. It makes you want to run a mile.

So let me ask you the question again in a different way.

Think of something you want to change in your life. What is driving your doing?

Is it fear, panic, desperation, worry, the need to get it right, or not wanting to fail?

When we take action from these spaces, we make it unnecessarily hard for ourselves.

It is our energy that creates, not just our action.

Now I’m not suggesting that you sit on a hilltop mediating for hours just ‘being’. Although that may work for some people.

What I am saying is that it might be worth investing some time and energy in yourself to get more awareness of the space from which you are creating your life – especially if it’s not working for you.

Because if it’s not working for you, then there will be some limitation that you’ve locked in place that’s keeping you stuck where you are.

Let me say it a different way.

Have you ever been around someone who has told you that they are happy, except they feel anything but happy to you. Or someone who tells you that they aren’t angry, except you can feel anger radiating from their every pore?

What they are telling you, doesn’t match what you can feel from them.

There is a disconnect between the words and the energy.

It is something that you can perceive and know, but rarely explain. It is the same when our doing comes from a place of being that doesn’t support the doing.

So when we repeat affirmations like, ‘I am successful. I am rich. I am happy’ we say them because we don’t believe we are these things.

In my opinion, all too often positivity and affirmations are used like a veneer to cover up the iceberg of negativity.

Not convinced. Well let me ask you a question.

Do you walk around telling yourself you are a man or a woman over and over? No. Didn’t think so.

Over to You.

You have what it takes. You just have to begin to consciously choose. You are not broken.

You have undiscovered treasure within you.

Aren’t you curious what you could create with it?

So what would it take for your doing to come from a space of being that is about possibility, excitement, wonder, curiosity and fun?

Ah, what an expansive question.

Wondering where to begin?

Just begin.

Make the choice to just begin. Choose to be something different.

Use the only point of power you have. Here and now. Your choice today helps shape and create your tomorrow.

And if you don’t believe a word of this. Well then you’re probably right – for you.

But is being right giving you what you want?

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