Get yourself unstuck with three easy questions

What are you trying to create that has come to a stand still?

For me it’s been a project that I’m  am really excited about. I’ve been talking about it and yet….. when it comes to creating it, there are some parts of it that where I have totally gotten myself stuck.

I don’t know what you do when you are stuck, but I pretty much tell the story about how I have decided it is.

I had decided that I didn’t know how to do it, that it was too hard, that it would take too long. So with this mindset, every time I sat down to do it, within 5 minutes my attention had wandered off to something else.

What is that you are telling yourself?

So the other day when I sat down and began to have the same old feelings about it. I thought – enough.

I was beginning to see a pattern.

I was going round and round in circles and just getting frustrated because this is something I’m also really excited about.

Ok, what can I be or do different to create this with ease? Question Marks On Monitors Showing Asked Questions Or Confusion

And then I realised that I had been totally in conclusion about it.

Ah, so what if I were to ask a question?

Hmm, what would it take for this to be fun?

What would it take for the information I required to show up with ease?

What else was possible here that I hadn’t considered?

Fast forward three hours later. I had made so much progress, where before I had got myself stuck and frustrated.

And I totally surprised myself by the fun I had creating.

What was it that changed?


I just chose to ask questions, rather than tell the story. And that created space for something different to show up.

Instead of conclusions, I had more curiosity.

Over to you

What would happen for you if you chose to ask some questions rather than be in conclusion?

Or looking to make some change in your world and not sure how to go about it? Then drop me a line at and let me know how you go playing with the questions.

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