What do fast cars and your life have in common?

The only limitations that exist are the ones we create for ourselves…

Why is it that some of the stuff you want other people seem to get easily, but you don’t?

What if I said you can’t create beyond your limitations?

Let me explain.

Believe that people are kind.

They will be. 940 change your story

Believe that life is hard for you.

It will be.

Believe that you will never be able to have/be or do something.

You won’t.

It is almost like we create these invisible fences for ourselves and then we live within them. Often we don’t even see the fences anymore, far less question them, and then our life can begin to feel smaller and smaller as we constrict ourselves trying to make ourselves fit.

The thing about life is that it is just. It will always give you exactly what you expect.

So let me ask you a question.

What are you expecting?

Now you may say success, winning the lottery, a great lover, holidays etc.

But is that actually your fantasy?

What do you actually believe?

Now, that is not always so easy to know.

But here are some ways to begin to see this.

Look and see what keeps showing up in your life. 

In particular look for clues in what happens to you a lot.

This will show you where you have a belief or fixed point of view about something.

These fixed points of view are the sneaky, invisible things can keep us trapped.

I used to know someone who talked about the world being filled with assholes. I could never quite get it because my world had awesome people in it. And then one day I got that for them their world was filled with assholes. What they were saying was true for them, it just wasn’t true for me.

It is why we all live in the same world, but have such different experiences.

What do you say over and over?

What stories do you tell all the time?

Stories do not have so many questions in them, they are filled with conclusions. Conclusions are statements and they stick the energy.

Stop telling your story of what isn’t, what is terrible, how you are so unlucky etc etc.

You can truly change anything you choose to.  Nothing is impossible.

You are completely resourceful.

Truth. If you think of your life as being a really powerful car that has the capacity to go up to 300 miles per hour, how fast are you going?

10 miles an hour? 50? 100?

I bet whatever figure jumped into your mind it wasn’t 300.

Now that question is not meant to take you to a place of judgement ie I am not good enough, doing enough etc.

It is meant to take you to a place of possibility.

What do you need to change to go faster and have more ease and more fun in your life?

So how do you begin to expand your life?

By being kind to yourself.

The more you resist something, the more you create it.

By asking questions.

What if it was easier to change than you have been told? What if that is just another point of view which keeps us trapped.

What else is possible that you have not yet considered?

What would it take for change to be fun and easy?

By being curious.

By making the choice to choose to and then moving in that direction.

What you waiting for?

Over to you

Intrigued by what you’ve read, but not sure how to practically create it in your world?

Then drop me a line at laura@lauraborland.com  And as always let me know what you think or what your experience is – I love hearing from you.

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