There’s only ever two thoughts to choose from, which one are you choosing?

The quality of your life is defined by the quality of your thinking.

So what’s the quality of your thinking like?

Imagine any of these scenarios. Your boss is giving you a hard time. Your partner is angry at you. Your kids are testing your patience. The car has broken down again…..

You cannot always control what happens to you, but, with practice you can control how you respond to it. How we respond to something depends on what we think about it.

Life can be many things, but here’s the thing, no matter what the experience is, it always comes down to two choices.

1. You can choose a thought that makes you feel better  Change your choice

2. You can choose a thought that makes you feel worse.

That’s it at it’s simplest.

Now some may say they can’t choose their thoughts. To be honest, this would have been me some years ago.

But to say that you can’t choose your thoughts is to say you’re not in charge of you.

And if you are not in charge of you then who is?

Who or what are you giving your power away to?

Often we’re so busy we’re running on autopilot, our minds just run on the patterns and habits we’ve unconsciously established and this gives us the thinking that we have. But we can change this and begin to consciously choose our thoughts. It just may take some practice to establish new ways of being.

Whatever you focus on with feeling and intent you bring into being.

Not convinced?

Well test it out. Practice consciously choosing your thoughts when you notice you’ve gotten yourself into a funk.

Why is that many of us automatically tend towards the worst thought when we could just as easily pick the best thought?

A thought that makes you feel better is more likely to move you to action and the feeling that ‘you’re the boss of you’.

A thought that makes you feel worse is more likely to keep you paralysed in the story of why it sucks and acting this out.

Over to you

Want to change your experience. Change your thoughts. Purposefully, one by one.

Point yourself in the direction you want to go and just choose tiny thoughts.

Don’t try and tell yourself it is all great if your feelings are telling you the opposite. Your conscious mind will totally resist this.

Instead ask yourself , ‘what could I think that would ease how I am feeling just a little?’

You’ll find that there will be a tipping point, where the momentum of your thoughts has gotten to such a point that your feelings begin to shift and you feel more ease.

And…… if you already practice this in your life then leave a comment below to inspire others.

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