The addiction of turning ideas into reality

How many ideas do you have a day?

Now……A curious question –  I wonder how many of them you have actually created and made real?

Really, I challenge you to take a moment and consider that.

If this sounds like a silly question to you, then perhaps you’ve never entertained the idea that you are the creator of your reality, but as Goethe said, ‘whatever you can dream of you can create.’

What are you dreaming of I wonder?

Now I don’t know about you, but the first time I heard this I thought – well if this is true then why am I creating so much crap?

And the answer – I wasn’t paying attention, nor was I consciously choosing what I desired to create. It was like I was running the same programmes over and over, wondering why they were never taking me to where I wanted to be. I was unconsciously copying the people around me.

Now I believe that we can have a life of total adventure if we choose it, but many years ago I would have been sceptical.

So if this is you, I totally get it – but what if what you believed wasn’t so, what space could that make to create something else?

I recently heard Josh Littlejohn speaking at TEDx talks in Glasgow.  His speech was filled with loads of great and inspiring stuff of all the things that he has done (his story is a great one, especially when we talks about Social Bite) and how he was making a difference in the world. The most profound thing he said that really stuck with me was this,  ‘I realised that I could have an idea in my head and that I could make it real and that has become kind of addictive!’

And with everything he creates he is asking what else is possible? What else could I create?

Imagine if we all lived from that perspective?

Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness says, ‘Imagine not having to be entertained by things external to us, but being totally entertained by our capacities and our creations.’

That is the world that I would love to live in. A world where we don’t complain and bitch about how hard done we are, or what’s not working, but instead a world where we are all excited to talk about, and share the magic and awesomeness we are creating.

How utterly cool would that be?

And here is the thing about creating your reality, you have to play with it. Sort of like you are 5 or 6. Totally engaged with what is in front of you from a space of wonder and curiousity and asking questions.

Even questions like ‘what else is possible?’ or ‘what’s right about this I am not getting?’ will begin to create a shift in your world.

And when that small voice jumps in, before you have even begun that tells you that you can’t, it won’t work and there is no point?

What if that voice isn’t any more real than any other thought that you have…. but that’s an article for another time.

Putting your ideas into action can be addictive!

Wanna play?

So if this sounds like it could be interesting to you there are loads of blogs on this website that will challenge your perceptions……

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