The Very Creative Art Of Worrying

What do you worry about most?

I once knew someone who said when there was nothing to worry about, then she worried there was something she had forgotten to worry about.

When we worry we tend to fixate on an imagined future event. Worry is always about uncertainty and how things may not turn out as we would like,  and how we think we will cope with the consequences of that. Stress

It really does require a lot of energy and imagination to come up with the endless permutations – not to mention the intense emotions and stress worry can cause us to experience.

Do you know the original meaning of the word worry?

‘To harass by pursuit and barking; to attack repeatedly; also, to tear or mangle with the teeth.’

Interesting. Is this what you are doing to yourself when you are worrying?

Now that is a worrying thought.

And what is it that makes us worry about all the terrible things that could happen, when we could just as easily focus our attention on all the wonderful possibilities? That perhaps may be even better than we have imagined?

Worry really is an art form.

It is a form of creativity in, and of itself.

I asked someone recently, ‘of all the things that you have worried about – how many of them have actually happened?’

People who worry often say that they ‘just can’t help it’. But what if that is not true?

For that to be true you would have to have no control over your mind and that is certainly not true. For many of us worrying is a habit we don’t even remember learning.

Your mind will run away with itself.

It is what your mind does. It likes having problems to solve. There is nothing wrong with you. It is the same for all of us, until we choose something different.

The thing is that when we worry it quickly galvanises energy and draws to it similar energies. Have you ever noticed that when you begin to worry about one thing, then you find other countless things coming into your mind to worry about too?

Perhaps worrying is something that you have done your whole life. It is not something that you like, but maybe it’s something that you’ve decided you cannot change. You may even have a point of view that it is just who you are.

As Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness says, ‘Your point of view creates your reality.’

And we get to choose our points of view.

So what if you could choose a different point of view?

I know you can.

Over to you

So the next time you catch yourself worrying. Be kind to yourself. What you cannot see, you cannot change.

Remember this article and try something from the list below.

pause1. What other information do I require here?

2. What are the facts of this situation?

3. What is actually true?

4. What can I do today to create a different result?

5. How could this turn out better than I can imagine?

6. Find some ways to change your energy. Susan Grandfield has a great blog all about pressing pause. It is worth checking out.

Once you have pressed pause, you can then consciously choose something else.

And let me leave you with a question…..

When faced with a crisis do you deal with it or go into meltdown? Truth.

Hmmm, so what if worry (fear) is just imagined?

Just asking.

A life without worry, what would you do with all that extra energy?

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