What could you create if you could give up the need to know?

In a world of constant change and uncertainty why is that so many of us are continually looking for certainty?

What is it that you like to know? What knowing makes you feel secure? Knowing

And what happens when you don’t know? When you find yourself in the land of ‘not knowing’?

You don’t know what is going to happen with the job, the relationship or whatever it is you’ve got going on.

Do you panic, worry and become anxious – jumping at the first thing that comes along – or is it a place of fun and ease for you? A place of possibility?

Our minds, as brilliant as they are, only know what they know.

They don’t know what they don’t know. And they are programmed to be suspicious of anything new that shows up.

But to expand and grow we need to step into the unfamiliar, which means not knowing, although this will, of course, in time be part of what you know.

Recently I got awareness that I would really like to take action in a particular area of my life, but I am not clear what action to take. This really frustrating me and I was feeling mild panic as my head filled with thoughts that I had to do something, to take some sort of action because I was against some sort of clock.

Now, I don’t know what it is like for you, but for me what tends to happen is that I get caught up in my story and in my thinking….. And this kind of thinking never makes me feel good or expanded and connected to the infinite possibilities.

But this time I decided to get curious about it.

And then it occurred to me that I was simply feeling my thinking.  I was believing these thoughts that were telling me their tales of scarcity and lack and urgency.

If I don’t do x by this time, then y will happen.

And this clock I thought I was against was totally imagined.

And then another thought popped into my head.  It was just thoughts. Just thinking.

What if I could trust myself that I did know, that I just didn’t have access to that knowing in these 10 seconds? What if I could allow myself not to know and to let the knowing appear when it desired to be born……

What if I could choose to do nothing and be ok with that, for now.

And I suddenly felt ease and so much more space and the feelings changed.

I love when Jamie Smart describes our minds as being ‘the best special effects system that was ever created’. It is so true.

Our thinking feels real, but what if it is not?

What if everything is just an interesting point of view?

In a world of infinite possibilities, why would we decide and conclude that the thought that we have that makes us feel crap is the one that MUST be true?

What if is not that we are experiencing our circumstances, but the thinking that we have about our circumstances. We are feeling our thinking.

Not knowing is often not comfortable…… But what if we could get comfortable in that space? What if we could just allow it to be? What is it that makes us want to fill that space with anything, so that we can get rid of the dis-ease?

Over to you

What could you create in your life if you could give up the need to know I wonder?

What if, the next time that feeling comes up, you could just label it thought and allow it pass, like a cloud – rather than get into a dance with it and stick it?

Just as a curious experiment. Just to see if what else is possible.

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