“I’ve used Laura Borland as both a professional coach and as a life coach on and off over a period of about 4 years. The coaching I engaged in with Laura enabled me to re-focus my efforts and energies on important goals, to successfully complete further professional studies and to clearly define the direction I want my life to take.

Laura’s non judgmental and genuinely open and curious attitude combined with her extensive repertoire of coaching techniques enabled me to delve into her well filled coaching toolbox and take what I needed at any given moment in time to ensure my own success. The coaching sessions were done remotely, professionally and have genuinely been moments of revelation and learning in my personal and professional development. Filled with ‘aha’ moments, coaching with Laura will undoubtedly leave you feeling a better person, more in touch with yourself and with your own capabilities.” Donna Williams, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

“Laura is an excellent coach who has helped me to gain clarity and implement necessary action. She is a highly intelligent, sensitive and warm person who is very sharp in detecting any limiting beliefs that are operating. She is able to coach out all the answers that are locked away in you and at the same time makes the coaching process highly enjoyable and fun . I highly recommend her if you want to achieve your dreams and goals.”   Ulrike Nau-Debor, Business Owner


“Laura has been coaching me since the beginning of 2014. It’s challenging; she pushes me to exceed my limitations and this has helped me develop an attitude that is endlessly optimistic and full of possibility. 

Laura has taught me how to accept the (wonderful) truth without judgement. I’ve learnt to identify the right choices for me and I can now make decisions quickly and with confidence. I recognise situations that are aligned with my core beliefs and values. 

The result? An abundance of opportunity for my business that takes me in exciting and adventurous directions; a mental process devoid of old, lazy, self-deprecating habits; a confidence true to who I really am. 

Laura is a magical, playful and inspiring coach. I am grateful for her abilities every day and highly recommend her as a coach for businesses and individuals.” Helen Dibble, Business Owner, The Great Little Marketing Co.


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