Choose your words. Choose your life.

Life is just. It always gives you what you expect.

It has taken me a really long time to learn this, but I now know it in every cell in my being.

Let me take you back to the beginning of 2013.

A random, playful conversation with a very dear friend led us to both choosing some words that we were going to use as our anchors for 2013. Just for fun. Just to see what happened.

I couldn’t decide on my words and then a couple of days later I woke up during the night and there were the words – like they had just been downloaded into my head.

CONNECTIONConnection Inspiration Bliss



But I knew that in order to live these words I was going to need courage.

And so COURAGE was added to the list.

And then FUN got added to the list of words.  Cause life is supposed to be fun – right?

These simple words showed me a lot.

Whatever you focus on in your mind you will bring into being.

Everything begins with your thoughts.

Stop talking about what you don’t want in your life. Talk about what you do want.

Stop talking about what is missing in your life. Talk about what is in your life.

Stop complaining. It is just a habit.

Start being grateful. It is just another habit.

Practice is the key.  

We give all this energy to what we don’t want our lives to be and then we wonder why our lives are not as we want them to be? Hmmmm.

So 2013 was the year that was stuffed with connection and inspiration and bliss and fun. Beyond anything I could have imagined.

It was a wonderful adventure.

So what else is possible?

So as we begin the adventure of 2014 I have new words. And I can’t wait to see what shows up on this glorious adventure.

Over to you.

What if life wasn’t something you had to survive but something you got to create?

If you knew it was possible what would you choose more of?

What are your words?

You’re  creating anyway, why not choose consciously more of what you do want?

Let me know what you choose,  I’d love to hear from you

PS Pass it on

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