Are you creating a masterpiece?

I work with a wonderful coach, who was recently talking to me about John Wooden. It got me curious  about the man. If you’ve never heard of him, he’s considered by many as the greatest basketball coach of all time. Many people who knew him, said that while he was a basketball coach, he was really teaching them about life. 

John Wooden is quoted as saying many wonderful things, but one that really struck me was,

‘Make each day your masterpiece.’

What does that mean for you I wonder?

For me,  it includes things like showing up deliberately, practicing my ‘art’, staying in the game, being open and learning. 

Practicing mastering the present moment. 

Being committed, and having my words and actions align. 

Living as my word. 

Allowing myself to open up to the same energy that grows my fingernails, makes the sun come up and beats my heart. The place where new ideas come from. 

Being playful and having a light touch….. Taking action, but not from fear, from a space of curiosity and possibility. Having fun, and not taking myself too seriously. 

And from this who knows what will emerge. It’s all part of the adventure.

‘Keep on the path’ as Steve Chandler would say.  

It hasn’t always been like this for me. In a lot of my career and as a business person, I thought it was something I had to figure out. It was a head game. But through my own experience, and my professional experience of working with people, I’ve seen that it is possible to create a successful business (whatever that means for you) when we slow down and tap into our creativity. 

Creativity just isn’t compatible with stressing and fretting. It requires us to be open and receptive. 

Now from where you are currently this may feel impossible to you. But it’s a journey. Whatever we practice we will become masters of. The question is what are you practicing?

I believe that the act of creativity available to us is what we create with our lives. For some of us, and I know this is true for me – business is a space of creativity.

It is, as Josh Littlejohn talks about in his TEDx talk, about having ideas in your head and making them real and is wonderfully addictive!

I love that.But when we are struggling and not seeing the power we have inside ourselves that can seem like a cruel joke.

If you would like to explore what more creativity could open up in your business, then come hang out with myself and the wonderful Steve Chandler in London on 4th May.

Steve has recently written a book called CREATOR. It is inspiring, and yet practical. He takes age old wisdom and conveys it with a beautiful simplicity that makes it feel that it is possible for any of us to tap into the creativity he is talking about. And it is….. It is just about commitment and practice. What would your business look like if you were creating it as a masterpiece I wonder? 

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